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Browser support: Internet Explorer 9 , Firefox 4.0 , Google Chrome 6 , Apple Safari 5 , Opera 10.6 Mobile support: iPhone 3 , iPad 1, 2, Android 2.1 , Blackberry 6 , Windows Phone 7 With HTML5 Movie Maker, you can create stylish web player with your favorite skin control bar. The versatile editing functions enable you adjust video output...

Size: 9.9 MB    License: shareware

The restaurant booking system provides you with a self-serviced booking system for your website and powerful availability management tools. With this restaurant reservation system you can easily embed a powerful table booking system on your website and start accepting reservations online. You can manage table availability, restaurant working...

Size: 127.0 KB    License: commercial

Right in your blog! With the VideoSurf Video Link Enhancer, when your readers hover their mouse over links to videos, an in-line player appears that allows them to watch the linked video without having to leave your page. Videos from hundreds of sites are supported, including Hulu, Metacafe, Dailymotion, Comedy Central, Yahoo! Video, Fancast,...

Size: 10.0 KB    License: freeware

Front End Features: Web 2.0 look and feel Unlimited categories 'Top downloaded' feature 'Featured covers' feature Featured cover slider. One click download Nice cover preview SEO Friendly URLs Upload cover to facebook feature Facebook Comments system Easy search feature Share facebook covers (via AddThis) Built in contact form 2...

Size: 293.8 KB    License: shareware

07 August, 2014   

Password Maker is a Windows application perfect for Webmasters and Website Owners. Several Login Box styles. Customize the way you want. Preview in the application and in your webpage on your local computer before you upload it to your website. Unlimited Username and Password protection. Create any number of password protected pages. Send users...

Size: 9.3 MB    License: shareware

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Simple way to do the opposite of what the nl2br() function does- turns breaks () into new lines.

14 August, 2014   

Easy way to copy the contents of one table to another table.

This function builds an HTML select list from from data retrieved from a mySQL table.

Does url_decoding while respecting utf8 characters.

07 August, 2014   

All hints except /*+ rule */ cause the CBO to be used. Therefore, it is good practise to analyze the underlying tables if hints are used (or the query is fully hinted.


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  • Adminsoft Accounts 4.109 19 August, 2014 11:54

    This is good software & download was easy.

  • Network Booster 1.0.0 18 August, 2014 20:27

    Good utility for controlling the internet traffic.

  • Openbravo 3 16 August, 2014 19:46

    This is definitely the top notch!

  • CROPWAT 8.0 14 August, 2014 20:03

    Gives accurate results. Very good to use.

  • RAR File Open Knife - Free Opener 2.1 12 August, 2014 19:40

    Every time I have to open this program if I want to unrar anything. A simple access of right click menu to unrar files would be useful.

  • VLC Player 16.03 10 August, 2014 19:42

    VLC is great for playing audio and video files. It's very fast and easy to use.

  • Memorization Professional 09 August, 2014 19:36

    It's very helpful and convenient for reading Bible.

  • Rainmeter 3.0.2 07 August, 2014 18:03

    Excellent! It will make your desktop very beautiful.

  • Twiddlebit Plan 3.01 06 August, 2014 19:51

    I like it, very powerful for project planning.

  • FootPrint Martial Arts 1.1 04 August, 2014 20:43

    The program will ask you to input some information then ask you to pay for certificates.

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23 November, 2008   

Point of Sale (POS) and Inventory System. A must have features: 1. Barcode support 2. Point of Sales 3. Place an order (sales order or purchase order) 4. Receive or deliver an order by batch 5. Support for returning of orders 6. Product inventory according to unit of measures 7. Run the source code to appreciate the program Note: Automatic...

Size: 185.5 KB    License: freeware    Downloads: 16244

PHP Login Script with Remember Me Feature is a PHP script with Mysql and uses cookies to maintain the users information even they close their browser. When the user marks the remember me option, two cookies will be stored on the users system. One is an Username and other is an encrypted Password. It has many advantages in using cookie concept....

Size: 0    License: freeware    Downloads: 8686

06 January, 2009   

PHP AJAX DataGrid - is a powerful script, that allows you to display data in grid layout. It is very simple to set up and works with AJAX module. Main Features: * Columns Sorting. * Paging. * AJAX data retrieving.

Size: 207.0 KB    License: shareware    Downloads: 8003

05 November, 2007   

This software is designed to track time and attendance for your club or organization. You can enter public or private events and only public events are shown on the public attendance page.

Size: 0    License: freeware    Downloads: 7812

A must have features for internet cafe monitoring system: Allow connection from multiple computer Detailed information about connected computer like computer name, user code, total amount, used amount, left amount, total hour, used hour, left hour, etc. Time plan Member and walk-in customer User's rate information...

Size: 208 B    License: freeware    Downloads: 7476

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