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22 October, 2014   

That literally means that you can squeeze all ActiveX controls, dynamic libraries, and just all kinds of files that your original application depends on into a single executable file and run it just as if that was a regular application installed the regular way. Packed in a single binary, your applications become ultra-mobile and can be run...

Size: 5.5 MB    License: shareware

21 October, 2014   

Our product Hotel Management CRM System is a comprehensive software suite consisting of integrated modules for various aspects of hotel management. Hotel Management CRM includes all the features required in a Hotel Management Software, Hotel Reservation Software, Hotel Reception Software (Front Office), Call Accounting, Hotel Point of Sales...

Size: 8.8 KB    License: shareware

20 October, 2014   

ATN Car Dealer is responsive. SEO optimized and easy to install php script for creating auto dealer websites. It comes with a front site (bootstrap 3.0 and fully responsive) and a powerful administration panel panel allowing to post new listings, manage the different configuration options and settings like the vehicle types, makes and models,...

Size: 312.5 KB    License: commercial

Many php shopping cart programs are extremely difficult to incorporate into your website. Our PHP eCommerce Script has a custom template system that is very simple to use. You do not need to know php in order to integrate our cart. Our eCommerce Script eliminates the barriers of time and distance and allows consumers to shop, make their...

Size: 1024.0 KB    License: demo

18 October, 2014   

For an effective & proper management of the school all of these resources are highly important. For proper management of any institute, it is very important to have a well advanced plan of how to utilize the resources. The school management CRM system provides that platform to a school with facilities its management, making it more...

Size: 8.8 KB    License: shareware

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19 October, 2014   

Creates a picture based on your IP address.

16 October, 2014   

When hover your mouse over a link, a small box containing contents from another page comes up. This will show the iframe with scrollbars if content (target page) is too big.

Returns the text between the specified delimiters in MySQL.

08 October, 2014   

JavaScript code to detect browser and OS.

01 October, 2014   

PHP example code for secure link conversion


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23 November, 2008   

Point of Sale (POS) and Inventory System. A must have features: 1. Barcode support 2. Point of Sales 3. Place an order (sales order or purchase order) 4. Receive or deliver an order by batch 5. Support for returning of orders 6. Product inventory according to unit of measures 7. Run the source code to appreciate the program Note: Automatic...

Size: 185.5 KB    License: freeware    Downloads: 16247

PHP Login Script with Remember Me Feature is a PHP script with Mysql and uses cookies to maintain the users information even they close their browser. When the user marks the remember me option, two cookies will be stored on the users system. One is an Username and other is an encrypted Password. It has many advantages in using cookie concept....

Size: 0    License: freeware    Downloads: 8689

06 January, 2009   

PHP AJAX DataGrid - is a powerful script, that allows you to display data in grid layout. It is very simple to set up and works with AJAX module. Main Features: * Columns Sorting. * Paging. * AJAX data retrieving.

Size: 207.0 KB    License: shareware    Downloads: 8005

05 November, 2007   

This software is designed to track time and attendance for your club or organization. You can enter public or private events and only public events are shown on the public attendance page.

Size: 0    License: freeware    Downloads: 7815

A must have features for internet cafe monitoring system: Allow connection from multiple computer Detailed information about connected computer like computer name, user code, total amount, used amount, left amount, total hour, used hour, left hour, etc. Time plan Member and walk-in customer User's rate information...

Size: 208 B    License: freeware    Downloads: 7477

Latest Script Reviews

  • Tux Typing 1.5.3 21 October, 2014 19:53

    I have started to use this recently and it seems this would definitely help me.

  • Rapid CSS Editor 12.0 18 October, 2014 20:26

    Excellent software to edit css and html files. Very easy to use and navigate.

  • piFAQ 1.0 13 October, 2014 19:53

    This script helps me to create and manage FAQ's very good.

  • Ping Pong 1.I 09 October, 2014 19:41

    Nice game. I like it very much.

  • Actionpoll 1.1.2 02 October, 2014 19:51

    Good to use this polling script on my site. Found no problem yet.

  • PHP Cheat Sheet 29 September, 2014 19:52

    I am learning php and this helps me a lot.

  • Free CSS Toolbox 1.2 25 September, 2014 20:25

    It's good tool for me. Nice effort.

  • Joomla! 1.5 22 September, 2014 19:59

    It's my automatic choice if I need to create dynamic website. I just love it.

  • E-editor Text Editor 1.0.0 18 September, 2014 20:32

    Current features should be updated regularly to make it a moderate text editor.

  • PHPMySQLbackup 1.0 14 September, 2014 19:46

    It's not working. I have tried many times but only blank page appears after uploading files on my site.