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05 October, 2015   

MatODE is a simple Matlab toolbox for interfacing to the Open Dynamics Engine rigid body physics simulator (ODE, by Russell Smith), created by the Delft Biorobotics Lab (Delft University of Technology, Delft, The Netherlands). The system to be simulated is defined in an XML file, while the joint positions and motor signals can be sensed and...

Size:    License: freeware

Advanced handler of most events for MS Visual Studio & MSBuild tools. Full control and flexible multi actions for basic events and others additional, such as: * CommandEvent, Errors, Warnings, Cancel-Build, Output-Build, Transmitter, Logging Ability to handle events for all subprojects at once in solution as Solution-Events or individually...

Size:    License: freeware

This is a Python script for Blender 2.6x or later and allows you to create a surface from just a cloud of vertices. You can get a complete 3D mesh with faces on it out of just a point cloud that has only vertices and no faces. Please watch the video to get the idea of what the script can do for your artwork. Features: This script, Point Cloud...

Size:    License: freeware

14 September, 2015   

The script installs dependencies and configure the OS automatically for you in order to obtain the best Remote Desktop Gateway! This Install Script works in a clean CentOS 7 installation and install Guacamole 0.9.8 version for a local users authentication. Task of this script: Install Packages Dependencies Download Guacamole and MySQL...

Size:    License: freeware

07 September, 2015   

Win32 build of Subversion. These binaries are built using Visual C++ 6.0 Should work on all flavours of Windows from Win2000 to Win8 and 2008 Server including server variants . (1.7.x does not work on NT4 due to APR using new functions). Modules for Apache 2.2.x and 2.4.x (1.7.6 and up) is included. Features: * Subversion client * Subversion...

Size:    License: freeware

Latest Code Snippets

C code snippet to dynamically create and initialize 4d array

28 September, 2015   

CSS code example for Horizontal-Vertical div align

The array is formed dynamically using malloc.

13 September, 2015   

C code snippet for another merge sort of integer list

C++ code snippet for function pointer to member function of class


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Latest Software Reviews

  • Lookeen Free Desktop Search 05 October, 2015 21:14

    Working very good. This is by far the best windows search alternative I've seen.

  • Modem Booster 8 03 October, 2015 21:05

    It did nothing except slowing down my PC, changing browser homepage and installing additional icons. Speed test showed highly inaccurate information.

  • FreeFotoWorks 2 15.0.5 01 October, 2015 20:43

    It's very easy to handle and has some good functions for image editing.

  • Free Audio Editor 2014 10.0.3 29 September, 2015 20:22

    I faced no difficulties in editing audio files as the interface is very user friendly. I'm glad using it and would recommend it to others.

  • Rankaware 1.5 27 September, 2015 19:21

    Moderately good but since last few days Yahoo results are not updating. Other than this everything works quite okay.

  • ZenMate for Firefox 4.1.2 23 September, 2015 20:17

    One of the best things about Zenmate is it's very easy to use. It makes the application suitable even for complete beginner like me.

  • Zulu DJ Mixing Software Master Edition 3.20 21 September, 2015 20:03

    Good software for mixing instrumentals but layout is a bit complicated and hard to use.

  • FreeFotoWorks 2 15.0.5 19 September, 2015 20:39

    This application is easy to handle and has good functions. I would recommend it to anyone.

  • Cool Record Edit Pro 2014 8.8.8 17 September, 2015 19:50

    Free Workhorse! Awesome application and I will remember to use it from time to time. Excellent technical support!

  • Free Video To Audio Converter 2014 4.0.9 15 September, 2015 20:27

    It is quite easy for me and many video formats like MPEG, MP4, AVI, etc. are all available for conversion. With this helpful tool, I can play converted music on any of my devices like MP4 player, MP3 player, and iPod.

Popular scripts

23 November, 2008   

Point of Sale (POS) and Inventory System. A must have features: 1. Barcode support 2. Point of Sales 3. Place an order (sales order or purchase order) 4. Receive or deliver an order by batch 5. Support for returning of orders 6. Product inventory according to unit of measures 7. Run the source code to appreciate the program Note: Automatic...

Size: 185.5 KB    License: freeware    Downloads: 16255

06 January, 2009   

PHP AJAX DataGrid - is a powerful script, that allows you to display data in grid layout. It is very simple to set up and works with AJAX module. Main Features: * Columns Sorting. * Paging. * AJAX data retrieving.

Size: 207.0 KB    License: shareware    Downloads: 8011

05 November, 2007   

This software is designed to track time and attendance for your club or organization. You can enter public or private events and only public events are shown on the public attendance page.

Size: 0    License: freeware    Downloads: 7823

A must have features for internet cafe monitoring system: Allow connection from multiple computer Detailed information about connected computer like computer name, user code, total amount, used amount, left amount, total hour, used hour, left hour, etc. Time plan Member and walk-in customer User's rate information...

Size: 208 B    License: freeware    Downloads: 7487

The Enterprise TimeSheet and Payroll system is an open source software solution for enterprise payroll needs. This script helps you in building multi platform, multi lingual, web based time sheet and payroll systems. The users will be able to clock in and clock out from a web browser and can be controlled by specifying particular IP addresses....

Size: 259.7 KB    License: freeware    Downloads: 7328

Latest Script Reviews

  • Dolphin - Smart Community Builder 7.2 29 September, 2015 21:20

    After installing everything is working good so far. It has some excellent features for social networking site, an admin panel with full control over site. I look forward to use it for a long time.

  • This was really a great approach, but it seems I am having some trouble executing the script.

  • Batch Compiler 15.9.1 14 September, 2015 20:09

    Awesome tool. Best bat to exe I have used ever! Comes with a user friendly interface.

  • Batch Compiler 15.9.1 07 September, 2015 19:36

    Great software, it's easy to use and powerful!

  • Coppermine Photo Gallery 1.5.36 31 August, 2015 19:43

    Coppermine is the best open source image gallery script I have used so far! It's very feature-rich, stable and fully customizable.

  • HelloVideo - PHP Video CMS 1.0 24 August, 2015 20:32

    This video cms is very easy to setup. perfect choice for anyone looking to start a video portal.

  • Linfo 2.0.2 17 August, 2015 19:56

    It provides 100% accurate information every time. Very useful for me. Thanks to the creator of it.

  • Quadodo Login Script 3.1.11 09 August, 2015 19:37

    I am making a test website where I use this script. Have had some errors while installing but found comprehensive user guide at developer homepage which helped me to complete installation without any further issue. So far it has been working pretty well. I appreciate it very much.

  • Savsoft Quiz - Online Quiz Management System 1.0 02 August, 2015 19:06

    Working great. Very helpful for creating online quiz.

  • XAMPP 1.7.3 27 July, 2015 21:33

    I found it easy to install and configure although some of my friends had port difficulties.