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23 November, 2015   

If you are looking for a solid file transfer solution, our File Sharing Script is the right tool for your website. Our smart file sharing software will enable you and your customers to download and upload various files regardless of size. The front-end is optimized to run flawlessly on all types of mobile devices. You can recolor the UI in any...

Size: 2.9 MB    License: commercial

16 November, 2015   

SOS-Workstation is a backup software that allows Windows or User events to start programmable Scripts. Easy to use and configure. Provided with tools and help to program your own scripts. Unlimited running scripts at the same time. Encryption of your data. Can simply start a script by inserting a USB key... Date, network, Files, Program,...

Size:    License: freeware

09 November, 2015   

This is a simple program to copy files or directories and verify the copied file with hashes. Hash is saved in .hash file compatible with md5sum(hashSUM). It has a gui and work on Linux and windows (the script should work even on Mac). Hash is computed while reading so sources file are read only once. The executables have been created using pp :...

Size:    License: freeware

02 November, 2015   

Makebreed is a configurable shell script (./configure) that generates project files and makefiles for C/C++ development using the gcc or clang compiler. The created makefiles has the additional ability to build binary .deb packages on supported distributions. It is a simple, clean and easy alternative to gnu auto-tools.

Size:    License: freeware

29 October, 2015   

A web-based application which will manage stock inventory so easily: Dashboard, Stock Management, Purchasing, Sales, Suppliers, Customers, Outstandings, and Payments. Nice look and feel interface. It supports to be displayed in mobile-device. This web application is actually generated by PHPMaker without touch any code in the generated script...

Size:    License: freeware

Latest Code Snippets

28 November, 2015   

CSS example safe fonts List for web

26 November, 2015   

Show the currently active processes.

22 November, 2015   

To print out all possible subsets in lexicographic order

18 November, 2015   

Bind onload function to the iFrame and set the size of the iFrame to the iFrames loaded content. In the example jQuery is used.

Converts the given floating-point value to a zero-terminated string. The supplied buffer should be large enough to accommodate the converted value. The value includes a decimal point and possiblesign and exponent information, plus a terminating null character, which is appended automatically. Returns: a pointer to zero-terminated...


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Latest Software Reviews

  • Driver Talent 28 November, 2015 18:36

    I have been using it since it was known as "Drive the life", don't know why company changed the software name, but it's still performing flawlessly.

  • 3GP Video Convert Wizard 4.2.6 26 November, 2015 19:37

    Excellent program. Nice and easy, very user friendly, lots of features, fast speed.

  • GameGain 24 November, 2015 20:08

    I am wondering if it really works because I didn't notice any changes after applying optimization settings.

  • IP Camera Viewer 3.03 23 November, 2015 18:26

    Very good software. It has an user friendly interface which provides quick access to all the important functions.

  • Change OST to PST Free 14.09 19 November, 2015 18:38

    It is best way to restore and recover corrupt ost files. You can use trail version for result and experience.

  • FishCalendars.com 2016 Calendar Theme 1.0 17 November, 2015 19:34

    I use windows 8 and this theme has been synced with my 23" widescreen monitor nicely. These are some beautiful and high quality images.

  • Photo to Sketch 3.2 14 November, 2015 18:52

    Only usable if your input images are in low quality or small size. If you give large size or high quality images then software automatically rotates them to horizontal orientation.

  • Advanced SystemCare Free 3.8.0 12 November, 2015 18:49

    This is a good solution for slow computers to make them faster by optimizing with full capacity.

  • SynciOS Data Transfer 1.2.2 10 November, 2015 18:47

    Syncios is the easiest way I have found to backup entire contents of my phone to PC and restore them with another phone. It's very convenient to use because of it's user friendly interface.

  • IObit Uninstaller 09 November, 2015 18:39

    For a proper and thorough uninstall I always use Iobit uninstaller which is very powerful and reliable software for the given job.

Popular scripts

23 November, 2008   

Point of Sale (POS) and Inventory System. A must have features: 1. Barcode support 2. Point of Sales 3. Place an order (sales order or purchase order) 4. Receive or deliver an order by batch 5. Support for returning of orders 6. Product inventory according to unit of measures 7. Run the source code to appreciate the program Note: Automatic...

Size: 185.5 KB    License: freeware    Downloads: 16264

06 January, 2009   

PHP AJAX DataGrid - is a powerful script, that allows you to display data in grid layout. It is very simple to set up and works with AJAX module. Main Features: * Columns Sorting. * Paging. * AJAX data retrieving.

Size: 207.0 KB    License: shareware    Downloads: 8019

05 November, 2007   

This software is designed to track time and attendance for your club or organization. You can enter public or private events and only public events are shown on the public attendance page.

Size: 0    License: freeware    Downloads: 7830

A must have features for internet cafe monitoring system: Allow connection from multiple computer Detailed information about connected computer like computer name, user code, total amount, used amount, left amount, total hour, used hour, left hour, etc. Time plan Member and walk-in customer User's rate information...

Size: 208 B    License: freeware    Downloads: 7494

The Enterprise TimeSheet and Payroll system is an open source software solution for enterprise payroll needs. This script helps you in building multi platform, multi lingual, web based time sheet and payroll systems. The users will be able to clock in and clock out from a web browser and can be controlled by specifying particular IP addresses....

Size: 259.7 KB    License: freeware    Downloads: 7334

Latest Script Reviews

  • Basic Announce 1.0 25 November, 2015 18:57

    The very reason I like it most is that I can quickly add news to the pages I need.

  • Batch Compiler 15.9.1 18 November, 2015 19:54

    It does an excellent job. So easy to use and useful!

  • u-Auctions - Auction Script 5.3.8 09 November, 2015 19:01

    I was looking for an auction script and this one looks really good and feature rich. I like it's nicely written wiki where everything about installing and configuring the script described in details.

  • Find and Replace It For Windows 2.3.0 04 November, 2015 18:26

    Very powerful search and replace tool. It works good and fast as the scan doesn't take very long.

  • FreeWRL VRML/X3D browser 3.0.1 28 October, 2015 19:09

    Great work! It's stable and very good at what it sets out to do.

  • Encode Explorer 6.4 20 October, 2015 21:15

    It's lightweight and does a very good job. Keep up the good work.

  • phpSysInfo 3.2.3 14 October, 2015 21:07

    Simply the best! I have been using it and it always provides accurate detailed system information.

  • Daily Expense Manager 1.0 07 October, 2015 19:50

    It looks good so far. Please add report generator feature where users will able to generate pdf/excel reports with expense and income details.

  • Dolphin - Smart Community Builder 7.2 29 September, 2015 21:20

    After installing everything is working good so far. It has some excellent features for social networking site, an admin panel with full control over site. I look forward to use it for a long time.

  • This was really a great approach, but it seems I am having some trouble executing the script.