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Created glow effect for any text. /

Author: Alexey   Category: Text Effects   License: freeware

Now, you don't need to have charts images beforehand. You just have to enter initial data (manually or from database) and the script will draw the chart. You can save much time if you have great range of goods or often to update your results. To insert the script into your page copy its listing, change initial data and use the script. /

Author: Alexey   Category: Graphs and Charts   License: freeware

Add dynamics and realness on your pages. Drawing animated pictures using one pixel and JavaScript. This is the way to imitate handwriting, line drawing. You can also put down your signature under a document. /

Author: Alexey   Category: Image Effects   License: shareware

A drop down menu bar, similar to the menu bar of your browser. The script works in Internet Explorer, in Netscape 4 and 6. You can create the menu with 4 levels of depth, and the submenu with up to 20 links. Its menu generator allows you easily to change style of the menu. /

Author: Alexey   Category: Navigation   License: shareware

Everything that happens around us in the nature is periodic. We are influenced by cyclic changing of the seasons, moon shape, day and night etc. Every human life is influenced by these factors and 'works' periodical way as well. Scientists have discovered body cycles that are known as biorhythms.

Author: Alexey   Category: Calculators   License: freeware