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Allows uploads of files to your web server and cleans up names of files by removing unsafe characters from the input. Moves files to a specified directory and displays the results. Restrict file types of acceptable uploads. Supports error messaging in multiple languages.

Author:   Category: File Management   License: freeware

A PHP object that can be used to validate the presence of HTML form data. The function simply checks if a variable is not null. The class is intended to be called after the end-user has submitted an HTML form. Can check multiple fields at once and check that at least one field in a group of many has been filled in by the end-user.

Author:   Category: Code Development   License: freeware

A simple script that allows you to enter a URL and the title of that page will be displayed.

Author:   Category: URL Fetching   License: freeware

Rotate ads, use ads with html/tables/forms/buttons, log everything in standard web server logging format, extra features for pages with multiple ads. (Requires SSI)

Author:   Category: Advertisements   License: freeware