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The Animator Pro product is a javascript DATA SHOWCASING Tool & Data Grid combined. It is extremely powerful and ANIMATES & MODIFIES LIVE Grid borders, background colors, font colors, font sizes, font weights, left borders, font types, pretext,top borders, post text, right borders, row heights, column widths, bottom borders etc for a...

Author: HiPowerSoft   Category: Animation Scripts   License: shareware


HiPower-ASPScriptGuard is an IMMENSELY powerful & EASY-TO-IMPLEMENT tool for SECURING FILE PATHS of scripts or image files such as . js, . css, . gif, . jpg etc in ASP pages. Hundreds of hours may be spent developing such scripts only for them to be hacked into and downloaded free of charge. HiPower-ASPScriptGuard prevents such by using...

Author: HiPowerSoft   Category: Security Systems   License: shareware