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This script reads ROI files from ENVI by ITT DataVis into Matlab. It outputs a Struct to your Matlab session containing the ROIs by name and associated information according the the ROI file header. For each ROI, the struct includes the ROI name, color, number of points, and the ROI point matrix. The script assumes the ROI file is in ASCII and...

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Features:+ graphing 2D/3D functions+ min/max 3D functions+ zeros 2D functions+ graphing data set+ curve fitting data set+ lagrange polynomail of data+ mean,median, standard deviation of selected column of data

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Script to parse the MODTRAN 4 Tape7.scn output file.This script will parse the Tape7.scn output file from the MODTRAN 4 radiative transfer program. The parsed output can then be easily manipulated for performing spectral calculations and analysis.

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The Zip Code Database Project is an online program designed with distance calculating algorithm. You can use this program to calculate the distance between any two zip codes within united states. This program can be backed with SQL-Lite, Interbase/Firebird SQL, MySQL, Postgres, MS-SQL etc., This is a handy tool for all shipping and e-commerce...

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