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An SSI script that displays the date and/or time in a wide variety of formats. Also supports short messages that can be displayed at selected times.

Author:   Category: Clocks   License: freeware

A simple script that displays a text phrase or HTML code from a list each time it is accessed. The phrases can be rotated in a pattern or chosen randomly.

Author:   Category: Randomizing   License: freeware

A simple script that displays the time in years, months, days, hours, minutes, and seconds until a specified event occurs. A seperate user-defined message is displayed if the event has already occured.

Author:   Category: Countdowns   License: freeware

A flexible hit counter that supports multiple pages, each with a different count. Each count may also come from more than one page. Hits can be visible, hidden, or commented-out. Also, optionally log the time, IP address, and user-agent of each hit.

Author:   Category: Combination   License: freeware