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This simple redirect script can be used for redirecting visitors from one page to another automatically without their action or intervention. This can be of various uses to webmasters, they can use this mainly for redirecting the user to a 'temp' page while the website is under maintainance. This is a very simple script -just two short lines of...

Author: Larry Lipke   Category: Form or Link Based   License: freeware

This PERL script has three options for the users, they can choose a Selection box, Drop-down box or an Option box for display on a form. The list of URL's are totally hidden and only the titles are listed. This serves as a cute navigation system for a website. Installation and Configuration notes included.

Author: Larry Lipke   Category: Form or Link Based   License: freeware

Add A Link 2 is a simple and easy to use script which is written using Perl program for the purpose of creating and managing a free for all links page on your website. The script is featured with error check function, and has link lock facility. It also allows you to have unlimited number of categories, sub categories and manages them effectively.

Author: Larry Lipke   Category: Link Indexing Scripts   License: freeware