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This application helps the user to create an online microsoft word document which runs in ActiveX server and ASP Web class, thus giving / a full control over the modification in the documents. This tool has image supports with RTF templates, special tag can be added in online and also supports HTML.

Author: Merlix LLC   Category: Documents   License: freeware

This program comes with the ability to allow the webmasters to build tab menus on their websites. It can also create a small XP mouse over effects to the menus. It supports HTML, using provided HTML webmasters can customize the menus as they like. They can build menus with XP mouse over effect using this tool to carryout their needs in website...

Author: Merlix LLC   Category: Site Navigation   License: shareware

DictionaryToy is an ASP dictionary tool that helps in sorting the alphabets and numbers in the file that is specified by the user. It offers various features like items can be retreived by name and by index, reversing order, add array and duplicate items are deleted. No programming knowledge is essential to use this system. It is useful for the...

Author: Merlix LLC   Category: Miscellaneous   License: shareware