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Web Services Intermediaries is an article focussing on the concepts of web service intermediary. The author has explained in brief what is an intermediary, the kind of intermediary services available, their architectures etc., You can refer on various intermediary services like authentication, auditing, management, performance improvement,...

Author: Romin Irani   Category: References   License: freeware

This is an online web service tutorial and the tutor of this article explains about how to use web services in an organizations for Enterprise Resource Planning(ERP) and it guides them how to keep the records of accounting, customer data, human resources, inventory module etc., with the help of Web Services Description Language(WSDL) interfaces.

Author: Romin Irani   Category: Web Services   License: freeware

Enabling Web Services with BEA WebLogic is a refence article focussing on BEA WebLogics. The author has given an introductory note on web services and then explains the advantages of both the older and latest versions of BEA WebLogic in devloping those web services. You can also refer on BEA WebLogic integration, weblogic application server and...

Author: Romin Irani   Category: References   License: freeware