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FeaturesAdministrator can add records to main database directly.Administrator can evaluate records posted by visitors before accepting them.Administrator can edit, delete or hold records posted by visitors.Administrator can mark records - group them for future action.Visitors can submit links but pending approval from Administrator.Display...

Author:   Category: Miscellaneous   License: freeware

A file archive plus membership access system written in PHP MySQL. Users signup or get added by the Admins or Sub-Admins. The Admins or Sub-Admins decide which "Group" each User belongs to. The Admins create folders and sub-folders for file archiving. The Admins decide which "Group" of Users can access which folders and...

Author:   Category: File Management   License: freeware

UPOINT's Remote Web Publisher (RWP) is not an online web builder. We do not host your web pages. RWP is an online editing tool that updates the contents of your web pages which reside in your own server. This MySQL-based content management system allows a web maintenance manager and his group of non-techie web operators to update a website's...

Author:   Category: News Posting   License: shareware

This script checks the last modified date of a file or any file in a folder and shows an image indicator according to the age of the file.

Author:   Category: Clocks   License: shareware

Schedule this tool to automatically delete files from your server by file extension, folder, or age.

Author:   Category: Web Server Maintenance   License: shareware

Show the number of visitors to your website within the past X minutes, hours or days. If the SSI tag is only placed at the main page of the website, it displays: "There were X visitors reaching this page since the past Y minutes".

Author:   Category: Online Users   License: shareware

A sorting tool that grabs the contents of a text-based data file, and sorts and tabulates the data into a HTML table. It works with MS-Excel/Access data files or any other tab/pipe/colon-delimited text files. It can be used to sort the data files of your existing scripts and fields can be selectively omitted.

Author:   Category: Table Creation   License: shareware

Display a pre-programmed event for the current day on web pages via SSI. The event can be a text message or an image. You can program multiple events.

Author:   Category: Calendars   License: shareware

A MySQL-based online FAQ management system. It generates static HTML pages so that all articles can be indexed and searched by search engines.

Author:   Category: Editing Web Pages   License: shareware

A file archive and membership access system. The master admin may create multiple folders with subfolders. Files can be uploaded to these folders. Users who wish to download the files need to register themselves as members. Members can be assigned to different groups with different access permissions.

Author:   Category: File Uploading   License: freeware

A searchable flat-text database manager for managing file uploading and downloading. You may define allowable file extensions, use your own icons, set up categories and set a max file size. File sizes and record dates are displayed in the search results.

Author:   Category: File Manipulation   License: shareware

This script reads information from a database and generates "value vs. date" charts, with data analysis shown. Graph data can be manually entered or imported from a tab-delimited text file. Data can also be entered on a day-by-day basis. It supports unlimited sets of graphs and different templates for different graphs.

Author:   Category: Graph Creation   License: shareware

Helpdesk XP does not use "Assign/Completed" to segregate tickets. Closing of tickets is not needed. Past tickets are automatically placed at the bottom of the ticket list while newest tickets are placed on top. Also, active tickets (old tickets with subsequent replies) are again moved to the top.

Author:   Category: Customer Support   License: freeware

Send emails in pre-built HTML templates from a browser. It supports unlimited custom fields, templates and attachments.

Author:   Category: Web-Based E-Mail   License: shareware

This script checks the Last Modified date and time of a file. It is handy for displaying the Last Modified date and time of a file. It can be used to check on a file placed outside the root directory.

Author:   Category: Clocks   License: freeware