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Plots edge connections and edge based data. Optionally triangularization data can be provided to allow surface shading. This product was motivated by the need to plot results of electromagnetic simulation code in matlab. These codes store data based on mesh edges.The user must make the edge map their self. Edge data found using MATLAB function...

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Function target_image_gen use Vx, Vy and Vz to create a movie simulation of a targets aproach. I edit this demo to have differents movies to test a target tracking system I made in simulink.Function target_gen creates a target (11,11) based on value x.If x

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This is an xml script where the users can use bookmarks which is stored in an xml file. The users have the capability for sharing bookmarks. The users can post comments to the bookmarks and they can exchange the bookmarks between the shared and private sets. Features like users can store their bookmarks on the web which can be accessed from any...

Author: Victor   Category: Bookmark Management   License: freeware