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Setting the time and then displaying in the system in any format which you prefer is possible through this .Net tutorial. All what you to do is to set a date and time in your system and then change it to the current date and time. The properties and methods of the object would give you the information about the time and date. The Code is given...

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The author describes the importance of the pop up window calendar and explains how it works. You could also choose only the date to be displayed in your text box. For your convenience, the article gives the option of selecting any month or year calendar through dropdown list. The working sample could be downloaded from this site.

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The main function of this tutorial is to teach the readers how to create the date time object, getting the related datas and formatting. The author also tells us how to format it according to our design in various formats. Earlier, time object was not constructed for the usage in future but through this date time object using .NET, we could set...

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This article is to display the calendar of the present month or any other month, even for any years. There is no necessity to search your old diary or calender for the exact dates and months of any particular month and year. Use of DATE Jargon in C# made it easy for you to view any month calendar without much effort in very short time.

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To symbolize the time and date using .NET, we use Date and time structure. But the problem arising over there is that whether the sting represented for denoting the date and and time is acceptable or not? The solution for this problem comes through this tutorial by using .NET showing the methods of evaluating whether the given string is valid or...

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Date Validator Custom Web Control could be used for the user to validate the dates. DateValidator is used to overcome the missing of useful validators. Now user can insert date in a common text box. / The date must be in the format dd/mm/yyyy. This tutorial got the ability to check the date against a valid range and the possibility to support...

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This is an article that will teach readers about formatting date and time by the use ASP.NET. The author explains everything including utilizing DateTime.Now. The author of this tutorial illustrates this process in details by providing appropriate sample codes. This is an easy to understand and useful tutorial.

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Through this tutorial you could find your age perfectly. This program asks to feed your date of birth and time. When you give it the programs starts finding your exact age in terms of years, months, days, hours and even in minutes. Through this you could calculate your age with the help of date time structure in C#. You could download this...

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Usually the Web masters like to design the projection of Date and Time in a very different manner to suit its objective. The normal format of displaying time and date could be changed with the help of this ASP.NET Tutorials. We could choose our time according to Local or Universal Time. This tutorial explains displaying date and time in various...

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Entry of Dates is one of the very major problem come across by most of the users within english speaking countries. As a solution to this, ASP.NET Composite Control for US and UK dates has been found. INamingContainer interface is implemented to have unique names. From this tutorial, the beginners could use this as child controls.

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This tutorial explains you how easy you could get connected with any specific server at your own choice. This would connect you to a public time server as simple as possible and you could continue until the end of the stream. Once you get connected, you could receive the response from the server. Once the server refuse to get connected with you...

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