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WhoisCMD is a small IP & domain name lookup command line utility for Windows 98/Me/NT/2000/XP.

Author: James R. Jezewski   Category: Whois   License: freeware

This script can be used by the users in porting from other servers to Win32 servers since it is built with -p for port. It uses -h for server and it utilizes a perfect syntax. It requires rfc954 system for resulting its full performance.

Author: Saeven.net Consulting   Category: Whois   License: freeware

DigiDomain is an integrated domain lookup, name spinner and whois tool developed for ISPs and Domain Resellers who wish to provide easy domain search functionality to their customers, and link customers through to their order form automatically on finding an available domain.

Author: Francois Panassac   Category: Whois   License: shareware

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