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The Sockhead is a PHP based script which allows you to include additional request headers in your response as in rfc2616 Hypertext Transfer Protocol. It also enables you to send a simple HTTP request to a server and displays the response from any other server. The script is very simple and easy to use. An online demo is available in the website.

Author: Stephen D Cope   Category: HTTP   License: freeware

The HTTPPost is a simple and easy to use script written in PHP programming. It shows you how to send a data to a given URL or a specified URL using the rfc2616 Hypertext Transfer Protocol which is nothing but HTTP. The script is very simple and easy to use. The access to this script is available free for users against a simple registration.

Author: Daniel Kushner   Category: HTTP   License: freeware

The HTTP Client class is a script which implements all HTTP methods and a subset of WebDAV protocol. The main methods that are supported by this script are: connect, disconnect, set headers, remove header, set credentials, set protocol version, get, get headers, getbody etc. The WebDAV methods include copy, delete, prop find, lock and unlock...

Author: Leo West   Category: HTTP   License: freeware

The BrowserEmulator fopen functions is a class which offers you various features such as sending custom header lines, GET or POST requests, contains basic HTTP authentication and also the script is usable with all PHP file handling methods like fgets and so on. The new features that are available in the current version includes displaying custom...

Author: Kai Blankenhorn   Category: HTTP   License: freeware

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