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Real Estate Management is the perfect real estate management solution for real estate professionals. Get all your listings on the web with free, easy to use web-based real estate management software.Create your areas, school districts and property types and even upload images. Full featured searching available. 100% free license. Uses PHP and...

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PhpRealty is an OpenSource real estate program based on the same concept as open realty. It uses PHP/MYSQL and it is has a template engine so you can change the complete look by making your own templates. Language: PHP

Author: Phprealty   Category: Real Estate   License: freeware


MaklerPlus application allows you to manage a real estate website.FeaturesGeneral - Platform-independence for the server as well as for the Clients - Multiple language support thanks to UTF-8 - language-coding - Uniform design and service - PHP4 and PHP5 - capable - based on PEAR - library for the support of numerous data bases, such as...

Author: Makler-plus   Category: Real Estate   License: freeware

It is often necessary special web functionalities within corporate web site. Universal WCMS provides a flexible and extensible tool that allows to create and manage the contents of a real estate agency Web site. This Web site also can provide a private access that could act as a CRM tool. The goal is a framework to create and...

Author: Uwcms   Category: Real Estate   License: freeware

This is a php based programme that helps users to showcase their property listings online. This programme uses a strong mysql database where it stores the images. Users have to fill a setof fields that requires informations of the property like extent of land, built area, number of bedrooms, bathrooms etc and then clisk save and the listing is...

Author: Vision to Design   Category: Real Estate   License: freeware

REScript is an useful real estate script through which merchants can generate e-commerce website to perform online business. This script offers users features like providing navigating headers for every pages of the website, offering search facility, provides mortgage calculators and more. This script also offers various admin interface features...

Author: REScript   Category: Real Estate   License: freeware

A real estate management solution for real estate professionals. Create your areas, school districts and property types and upload images. It includes searching.

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I wrote this for a web hosting client who was in the real-estate business. It allows you to put listings up for sale and for rent. Installing this script requires some knowledge of PHP and MySQL. Don't forget to create the necessary tables and to edit db_username_password.php, so that the variables contained reflect the setup you have on your...

Author: Francisco Charrua   Category: Real Estate   License: freeware

A multiple listing program that offers multiple user logins. Each realtor can have their own login and listing page or you can combine the listings into one page. It will upload up to 10 images and allow you to fill out detailed information on your property.

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You can encourage your site visitors and other housing brokers to make use of this program to list and market their rental properties online. As an admin you have the full control over the program. This classified ads program is simple and easy to handle but requires some basic working knowledge on PHP and MySQL database. All essential features...

Author: Franciscocharrua   Category: Real Estate   License: freeware

Publish your clients properties to the web. Allows your clients to look up and print maps, email details to friends and manage a newsletter. Includes easy webbased config, encrypted user passwords, improved formatting and templates, W3C Privacy statements and customer feedback pages.

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Agent See is aphp based programme to list property details online for prospective buyers to view. Listings can be published online just in a few minutes and without any technical knowledge. Agent See provides the power to list the properties without any delay and other features are, searching facility by area, type, price etc. Maps for each...

Author: Bright Banana   Category: Real Estate   License: freeware

This is a php based dating and matchmaking programme for your website with higher levels of security. aeDating runs on autopilot. No need to have any knowledge on php or html to setup this programme, just approve new members everyday and this programme takes care of the rest. The admin panel is easy and quick to master. This programme has...

Author: AEwebworks   Category: Real Estate   License: freeware

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