AfterLogic MailSuite Pro for Linux 5.0

Publisher: AfterLogic Corp. Date added: 07 January, 2011
License: Shareware Size: 70.9 MB
Price: $149.00
Editor rating: 5 of 5 Stars

Messaging and collaboration solution for Linux which includes a mail server, AJAX-based webmail client, spam and virus protection, web-based admin panel, calendar, contacts and more.


AfterLogic MailSuite Pro for Linux is an easy to install and use groupware mail server built upon industry-standard components. Check mail online with the fast and user-friendly AJAX webmail packed with a number of stylish skins, access and manage mail folders, browse e-mails with a preview pane and compose new ones with a rich-text editor, use address book to easily send mail to individual contacts or groups. And you can also check POP3/IMAP accounts on external mail servers. The integrated calendar lets you schedule events, share them with the selected colleagues, make them available to public, use meeting requests and reminders.Outlook sync plugin and Funambol SyncML server let you sync calendars and events with Outlook and modern mobile devices. With the web administration panel, the admin can quickly create or manipulate domains, users and the server settings. In addition to the AJAX-enabled web interface for modern browsers, MailSuitel Pro fully supports desktop mail clients and implements POP3, IMAP, SMTP protocols (including SSL/TLS and SMTP authentication). It also supports "simple HTML" mode for mobile devices (PDA version). Security options also include blocking external images and javascript code in e-mails being viewed. Other features include: unlimited domains, aliases, spam protection (SpamAssassin), antivirus (ClamAV), mailing lists, logging, filters, forwarding. The web part (webmail and admin panel) is written in PHP and comes with the SOURCE CODE which can be modified for your needs. Database backend is MySQL. The mail server core is Exim (SMTP) and Courier (POP3/IMAP). Built-in web server is Nginx (you can switch the web part to your Apache if desired). Both 32 and 64 bit versions available. Installation and configuration is quick and easy: install RPM package and use the web admin panel to manage the server online.

Tags: Mail , Server , Email , Webmail , Filter , Spam Assassin , Ssl , Ldap , Antivirus , Outlook , Funambol
Platforms: Linux,Linux Console,Linux GPL,Linux Open Source
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