ASPNetVideo 2.0

Publisher: Jacob Mellor Date added: 05 November, 2007
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ASP.Net Video - The Video Component allows streaming videos to be directly embedded into .Net ASPX web pages. The WebControl produces seemless W3C XHTML for QuickTime (.mov), Real Player (.ram, .rmv), Windows Media Player (.wmv, .avi) ...



The ASPNetVideo Component Suite allows you to add video files and streaming media into your ASP.Net web forms. ASPNetVideo is unique in that: The first commercial-grade ASP.NET component to embed Windows Media Player, QuickTime and RealPlayer into ASP.Net websites. 100% AJAX compatibleYour users will never have to see an annoying "Click to activate and use this control" message, which is normally displayed on all Video Media in Microsoft Internet Explorer. When your users do not have the appropriate video plugins, your website will display ASPX / XHTML alternative code, which you can customize to your liking. Videos are embedded as Search-Engine-Optimized, WAI-Accessible, XHTML-Compliant Controls for the first time in ASP.Net. All script and XHTML markup created by ASPNetVideo is encrypted, creating a blanket of security over your video files. Supports custom Play-Lists running an client or server side.The video players are completely re-skinable and can be extended with an advanced JavaScript API.Free, comprehensive support is on call to guide you through every step of your trial and integration process, and will remain readily available throughout the life of this product.

Tags: Asp, .Net, Asp.Net, Streaming, Video, Quicktime, Flv, Click, To, Activate, Windows, Media, Player, Mediaplayer, Real, Realplayer, C#, Vb.Net, Mov, Ram
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