PR2CSV 3.1

Publisher: Date added: 06 March, 2017
License: Freeware

Will help to extract information from Podcast Republic database


You may configure the mobile application Podcast Republic to store the MP3 files it downloads to a specific location. Then, you may recuperate these files.Unfortunately, it's not easy to determine which file correspond to which program, which episode. The filenames are unique filename generated with pattern like "reg54yhgtrg5wceythg5werwygcwt.mp3" which is not obvious to know what it is.Since Podcast Republic stores its database using popular sqlite3 format, it's possible to extract information from its database to then be able to know which file is what. This is what PR2CSV application will help to do.Then, you may even ruse the application to rename your MP3 files to have a more meaningful name to you. You may even use special keyword like {PubDate} to script minimallly the renaming your file!

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