TAnimation FX 5.2

Publisher: Chirag Dalal Date added: 05 November, 2007
License: Shareware Size: 1.0 MB
Price: $24.95

TAnimationFX component produces more than 150 animation effects on images. This version supports the following


TAnimationFX component produces more than 150 animation effects on images. This version supports the following effects:MarqueeBlindsSlidersCheckerboardStripsIrisCrushCrushRevealZoomFadeMosaicTwisterWaveMonoSliderBandsRGBMonoRevealSpiralCheckerBlindsRandomBarsTwinRandomBarsSwarmStripedIrisPixelateRollScrollGlide StretchOut ZoomOut Many more...Variations are brought about to these main effects through the use of modifiers.Flicker-free transparent animation effects on images is now supported.TAnimationFX supports Bitmap (*.bmp) files as well as JPEG files.

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