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Intersoft WebCombo is a highly advanced ASP.NET combo box component with flexible styles customization and advanced input features for ASP.NET 2.0 Web development.


WebCombo is a highly advanced ASP.NET combo box component with flexible styles customization and advanced input features for ASP.NET Web development. It is the industry's most popular AJAX-based combo box component with revolutionary features such as multiple columns, auto complete type ahead input behavior, load on demand, and many more.Key Features:Innovative multiple selectionWith some simple property sets, let your end user enjoy intuitive multiple selection similar to Outlook 2007 or simply switch to the classic checkbox-type multiple selection.Linked WebComboForget those tedious JavaScript coding just to link multiple combo-box instances. With this time-saving feature, simply set a few properties to enable WebCombo linking. You can link as many WebCombo as you like to address your complex application requirements.Highly customizable searching logicEnjoy convenient data searching with WebCombo. With its superior performance and built-in searching logic, you can deliver an exceptional, powerful combo box for various application scenarios.Comprehensive Client-side APIMade for developers, WebCombo provides vast array of client side APIs for unlimited configuration. Let your creativity runs and create your custom WebCombo behavior to support your business process.Easy styling, round corner and elegant animationWebCombo is unique in its elegant styling with visually appealing round corner. Its smooth animation uses very minimal resources consumption for the best performance.Rich design-time experienceThanks to the user-friendly and streamlined Component Designer 2, you can quickly configure WebCombo to achieve your desired scenarios without have to write codes.Built-in fast AJAX functionality (OnTheFlyPostBack)Powered by Intersoft's proprietary OnTheFlyPostBack technology, WebCombo provides robust and responsive data fetching and processing with minimal client resource usage, making it ideal for large data usage, typical in any enterprise web-applications.

Tags: Dropdown Box , Combo Box , Multiple Column Combo Box , Multiple Columns , Multiple Rows , Linq-To-Sql , Fast Drop Down Box , Asp Net Drop Down Box , Asp Net Combo Box
Platforms: Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP
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