Calories To Lose Weight Ebook Scripts

DailyBurn is a great website if you're trying to lose weight or get in shape.

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If you just migrated your WordPress blog from one permalink structure to another, and you don't want to lose Pagerank or traffic that accesses your blog through the old permalinks, this is for you.

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It is used mainly for SEO reasons so as not to lose page rank.This section describes how to install the plugin and get it working. 1. Upload blogroll-nofollow.

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And you certainly don't expect to lose your work. Unfortunately on some browsers that's just what happens.

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With the project, you will never be able to lose yourself.

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This can be useful if you want to "reboot" your blog but don't want to lose all previous posts and break all links to them.

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Losing sleep because you're afraid to lose all those settings if someone messed with it?Look no further. Use this widget to 1. Take snapshots of your current widget settings. 2.

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This is a simple contribution that will allow you to determine if shipping is free based on the total weight of the items in the cart.

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eKitaab is an eBook Catalog Manager software to manage large collections of ebooks.  eKitaab allows you to read books in their native readers on the desktop, or on mobile devices, though it is not a ebook reader.

Author: Ebookmanager   Category: Organizers   License: freeware

Ignition is developed the way I want it or the way I need it to be built for my needs. I know that this won't be the platform that will fulfill the needs of many but maybe a few would find it useful.

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Harland text ads is an easy, fast, and cost effective waty to sell text-based advertising on your website. / Completely idiot proof, you should have no trouble installing and using it within a matter of minutes. / This script is written in PHP/MYSQL

Author: Duwayne Olson   Category: Ad Management   License: shareware

- you build compact self extracting ebooks with one click;- one ebook, one source file. All visual, no

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MavorsGuard will give you opportunity to save your PHP source code script through obfuscation and encoding from unauthorized using, that will allow you to be calm about your intellectual work.

Author: Kivals   Category: Security Systems   License: shareware   Size: 228.8 KB

XSE Cart is a full featured ASP.NET shopping cart solution to open an online web store and start selling products.It has a skin and template driven storefront, intuitive and clear web administration interface.XSE .NET is built on technology.

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WordPress comes with a default RSS widget, but you get no control over how the feed shows up in your sidebar. Want more control? The KB Advanced RSS widget gives it to you.

Author: Adam R. Brown   Category: Internet Utilities   License: freeware   Size: 10.0 KB

A module for loosely integrating Provision (part of the Aegir hosting system) with Parallels Plesk.

Author: GuyPaddock   Category: phpBB Modules   License: freeware   Size: 20.5 KB

Secure by Role is a simple Drupal module for shopping sites and others where security is important.

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The Calorie Burning Calculator is a free, nicely-formatted online calculator to help your web site visitors calculate how many calories they require a day to maintain their body weight, or basal metabolic rate (BMR).

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It is also compatible with Add Weight To Product Attributes v0.1.

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MetaboCalc uses the Harris-Benedict equation to give you an approximation of how many calories you burn per day and at rest. It shows the base number, and also plus and minus 5% and 20% due to errors inherent in that equation.

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Calories To Lose Weight Ebook Related Software

Stay active and exercise regularly. Sixty minutes a day is ideal, but everything (even climbing stairs and walking to school or work) counts. Achieving fitness goals leads to self confidence, improved body image, self awareness and esteem.

Then Calories 2 is for you! Easy to use software for your daily needs.

Lose Your Marbles is your standard puzzle game. The object is to get rid of as many marbles as you can as quickly as possible. This is accomplished by lining up at least three marbles of the same color in the Pitch line (the middle row).

Calories Burned Calculator is a free and easy to use application for calculating how many calories you have burned running . It’s includes a printing option.

For many people, losing weight is a very difficult task, because it requires a lot of self-control. Weight Tracker is a small application that was developed to help you in your struggle for a great body.

My Weight Software will remind you to take your weight and waist measurements, record and chart your measurements, track your weight and waist goals.My Weight Software is specially designed to track the evolution of a diet.

Ideal Weight is a free program that works by storing and processing diverse physical characteristics of the human body (real weight, ideal weight, fat content, density, calories consumed daily etc).