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With the project PHP Certificate Authority, you could be doing a better job of website security...If only there was a simple way to implement SSL with signed keys?

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PHPki Digital Certificate Authority is an Open Source Web application for managing a multi-agency PKI for HIPAA compliance.With PHPki, you may create and centrally manage X.

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CAsystems - OpenSSL PHP-Webfrontend, an Easy x509 certificate generation, with multi-user administration and safe distribution.Predefined types for User/Clients/Server/Mail/CA. Users integrate information from LDAP or AD directory.

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Adds Greenscroll certificate to WP sidebarInstallation : 1. Unpack file wp-greenscroll.zip in to wp-content/plugins directory of your WordPress site.2a. Go to widget menu and drag and drop the "Greenscroll" widget to your sidebar locationor2b.

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EaSSL is a library aimed at making openSSL certificate generation easier and more ruby-ish

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CA Web Helper is a helper web application writen in PHP and Perl to mantain local Certificate Authority based on openssl.

It provides ability to view issued certificates, issue new certificates, revoke compromised certificates.

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The Java Certificate based Licensing Suite aims to help Java product developer to include licensing in their software. The suite contains the License CA Manager and the Licensing Library.

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No SSL certificate required.

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This module makes it possible for your users to register and login by certificate.

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Payment is handled offsite through Paypal, so no SSL certificate is required.

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This will force the admin interface to use your secure certificate so that potentially sensitive customer data is encrypted between the web server and your browser.

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The PKI Framework (PKIF) is a cross-platform library for performing PKIX-compliant certificate processing. It includes support for SCVP, OCSP, CMS and Timestamps. It uses Windows CAPI, NSS or Crypto++ for cryptographic services and hardware support.

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Adytum is a certificate authority suite, powered by OpenSSL, specifically designed for internal use small enterprises which need a secure and robust PHP solution without the rich feature set of software aimed at large retail CAs.

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The Project jICPBr is an API for Brazilian Digital Certificate

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A Python/Gtk application to manage groups of users stored in an LDAP database, using data from X509 certificates imported from files or LDAP servers maintained by certificate authorities.

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509 certificates, certificate requests, certifi

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NET applications by enabling client certificate authentication. Client certificate authentication plays an important role betwee

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An easy to set up shopping cart with a long list of features including user registration, real-time credit card processing, product database integration, gift certificate support, and more. Supports integration with QuickBooks, FrontPage and Dreamwea

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This is an useful article for software developers to learn about software testing modules. The author has narrated on what actually does 'Digital certificates' mean in PKI basics and briefs about the method of generating testing certificates using th

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This tutorial is basically for the webmasters in helping and guiding them to set up client certificate authentication on their web application. It also guides them to configure SSL and how to provide authentication on their web server for secured dat

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Certificate Related Software

Fill in the form on-screen: Print or Email the Form with your Data. Only available here. Industry Standard (AIA Format). Used by the Authorizing Agent to certify work completion and fulfillment of contract responsibilities so payment can be made.

Chilkat Software is pleased to offer this high-quality component built on COM technology. It is licensed at no cost can can be used in commercial, educational, or private applications and websites.

Certificate Helper is specially developed to be an accessible desktop software written in Java created to assist in creating and viewing keystores and digital certificates.

This root CA is the root currently used for Secure Site Certificates and Standard SSL Certificates. It is intended to be the primary root used for these products until Q4 2010 when VeriSign transitions to using a 2048 bit root.

509 Certificate Generator is a multi purpose certificate utility. It can be used to generate X.509 certificates, export certificates in PFX format, preview certificates or change key usage extensions.

The Certificate Manager is used offline to enter data. All data once entered is saved automatically. The data entered allows Assessors to generate ABSA Certification.

SSLCertScanner is the FREE SSL Certificate Scanner tool which can help you to remotely scan, retrieve and validate the SSL certificate. It can greatly help you to track expired/rogue certificate on your SSL servers.