Host Bussiness Pbx Dialer Scripts

Windows Scripting Host Control enables Delphi application to support active scripting languages installed in Windows Scripting Host (such as VB Script, Java Script, Perl, Python, Lua, Tcl etc).TekWSHControl allows to use Delphi objects in script,

Author: Ekas Software   Category: Miscellaneous   License: freeware   Size: 565.0 KB


Host Integration Pack 3.5 introduces a .NET native library version for Delphi + new XML bridging technology.A .NET native library version has been released, with 100% .NET managed code. Both FCL.NET and VCL.NET frameworks are natively supported,

Author: Cybele Software Inc.   Category: Tools   License: freeware   Size: 9.6 MB


Mini File Host is a free file hosting service PHP project. It is modeled after the many popular free file hosts like rapidshare and megaupload. It is easy to set up and use and it doesn't even require a MySQL database!

Author:   Category: Miscellaneous   License: shareware   Size: 163.8 KB

The PBX Manager is a configuration and management interface for the Asterisk PBX.

Author:   Category: Communication Tools   License: freeware

WSH Control - adds support of Windows Scripting Host engine to Delphi application. Lets to run scripts from application and shares any application object inherited from TPersistent with scripter interpreter engine.

Author: Ekas Software   Category: Miscellaneous   License: freeware

An advanced images host solution for anyone offering image hosting services of any kind, including general Web hosting companies and auction Web sites. AIHS provide a number of unique features including support multi-server feature, bandwidth trackin

Author: Stephen Yabzizaaaa   Category: Images and Graphs   License: shareware

Guestbook Host is an online application with which you can offer dynamic guestbooks for all your customers. This guestbook host is available with text link rotator for ads, online counters, login areas etc., and is enriched with admin capabilities. V

Author: Whois-Online   Category: Guestbooks   License: shareware

Host-press is a PHP script, that allow you to offer a free Wordpress 1.5 Blog to your visitors. build an online bloggers community, offering your visitors to create and host a free blog, based on Wordpress. Further, you will be able to offer Free Sub

Author: Host-Press   Category: Community   License: shareware

The Hot Links Web Host Edition is a Perl based script which allows to create and run a search engine by managing hundreds of links on them. The main features that are available in this script includes an index for easy navigation, creates a popular l

Author: PPM Interactive   Category: Link Indexing Scripts   License: shareware

Web Host Directory is a fully featured PHP script for starting your ideal web hosting directory and comparison site. With the numerous web hosting companies in the market today, most users are spoilt for choices and a web hosting directory and compar

Author: HyperStop   Category: Link Management   License: shareware

Image Host Premium is the perfect image hosting script that allows webmasters to start their own highly profitable image hosting service. Members can signup for both free and paid hosting plans using Paypal and start uploading their images and create

Author: HyperStop   Category: Images and Graphs   License: shareware

Host free or paid forums for your visitors. Admin can modify and delete users, and mass email to users.

Author:   Category: Bulletin Board Message Systems   License: shareware

Toplisthosting - Allows You To Host Topl is a multi-platform compatible script you can provide other Webmasters a free Toplist! You can place ads or PopUps on the lists which are hosted through you. You can also deactivate the ads on different lists.

Author:   Category: Top Sites Systems   License: shareware

This script allow users to host multiple website on the same server and they don't have to put the full path to enter the website. To redirect to another domain you have to add a specific path in the hosted domain. Correct path should be given for re

Author: Eznetlinks   Category: URL Based   License: freeware

Web Host 5.7 is an online accounting system designed to be quick and easy to use. Auto-Billing Features as well as Credit Card and PayPal integration. East to install and very affordable.

Author: Jim Veritchaaaa   Category: Commerce and Finance   License: shareware

Adds fully functional support of Windows Script Host engine to Delphi application. Lets to run scripts from application and shares any application object inherited from TPersistent with script interpreter engine. TekWSHControl component allows to

Author: Ekas Software   Category: InVisible Components   License: shareware   Size: 248.0 KB

RAS Dialer component for use with Delphi 6-7.Features: * VCL component* Example included.....

Author: Eternal Lines   Category: Telephony & Communications   License: shareware   Size: 579 B

Cadence Guestbook is a guestbook script allowing webmasters to host and manage their own guestbook hosting service. It is easily extendible, and is very easy to use.FYI:THIS PROJECT IS INCOMPLETE AND I CURRENTLY HAVE NO PLANS TO FINISH IT.

Author: Anonymous   Category: Books   License: freeware   Size: 962.6 KB

Daddy's File Host is a free and Open Source file and image hosting script. It is modeled after many popular free file hosts such as rapidshare and megaupload. It is easy to set up and does not require a MySQL database!

Author: Daddyscripts   Category: Miscellaneous   License: shareware   Size: 245.8 KB

Track Host is a simple module for Drupal that help site publisher to follow the step-by-step navigation , tracking "how" and for "how long" anonymous and registered users browse through your web site.

Author: Augusto Fagioli   Category: phpBB Modules   License: freeware   Size: 10.0 KB

Host Bussiness Pbx Dialer Related Software

Auto Dialer Operator, also known as a Predictive Dialer, is used by motivated businesses of all types to better manage outgoing calls intended to contact customers, collect on delinquent accounts, or generate revenue through direct sales calls.

Brekeke PBX is an award-winning Business IP Phone System that provides robust, high performance, and intelligent IP-PBX (PABX) functionality. Brekeke PBX is feature rich and fully scalable to meet the needs of any size organization.

Billion PBX - new generation phone system working in IP-networks using SIP protocol. Billion PBX provides not only voice calls but also a whole range of additional features like call forwarding, voicemail, callback and many others.

IP-PBX Management supports voice over IP, for various protocols and can work with virtually any equipment, based on world standards (SIP, H323, MGCP, IAX2), including the cheapest and most expensive model; Very rapid configuration of IP PBX through p

A Free Windows SIP PBX, with rich and powerful features like ACD(Automatic Call Distribution), Ring Group, Call Parking, Auto Attendant, Pickup Group, Conference, Auto-Dialer, Database CDR report, Database PBX Status Report, and much more.

Management & Console application for AsteriskWin32 PBX. Willvoice PBX Manager commercial edition provide an extensive array of features to make your life with AsteriskWin32 PBX easier.

Voicent Flex PBX is an easy-to-use software-based PBX system. It supports both analog phone services and VOIP services. Besides PBX features like auto attendant and unlimited call queues, it is extensible through IVR Studio for database access, etc.