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Component for showing three kind of messages.

Author: Delphir   Category: Dialogs   License: freeware   Size: 2.0 KB


Yahoo Stores l Froogle importer is a fully automated solution for listing a Yahoo Store-based ecommerce website products in Froogle, the dedicated ecommerce search engine owned by Google IncThe scripts automatically retrieve the products inventory f

Author: TreeWorks   Category: Miscellaneous   License: shareware


Form Maker Pro l web form generator and Formmail

Author: MitriDAT Company   Category: Form Processing   License: freeware

L.A.D. components collection contains 60+ components for user interface, database,DBGrid enhancements, etcetera. Fully functional w/ copyright notices, includes comprehensive help file.

Author: Ground Zero Software   Category: Components Collection   License: shareware   Size: 2.2 MB

L-BFGS-B is a collection of Fortran 77 routines for solving nonlinear optimization problems with bound constraints on the variables. One of the key features of the nonlinear solver is that the Hessian is not needed.

Author: Peter Carbonetto   Category: Development Tools   License: freeware   Size: 61.4 KB

The little program is able to compute correctly the electric parameters (R, L und C) for a set of electric cables (radial electromagnetic field only).

Author: Joseph Duron   Category: Development Tools   License: freeware   Size: 10.0 KB

L-Edit is a program often used to create MEMS layouts (if you're here, you probably know this), but it doesn't have a built-in facility to produce spirals, which are useful for inductors, springs, stress sensors, etc.

Author: Sean Hatch   Category: Development Tools   License: shareware   Size: 10.0 KB

Description: L-BFGS-B is a variant of the well-known "BFGS" quasi-Newton method. This variant uses limited-memory (like L-BFGS), and also handles simple constraints (to be specific, bound constraints, so this includes x >=0 constraints).

Author: Stephen Becker   Category: Development Tools   License: shareware   Size: 30.7 KB

L-Forum is lightweight but fully featured threaded bulletin board system written in PHP and backended in MySQL/PostgreSQL.

Author: Leszek Krupinski   Category: Miscellaneous   License: freeware   Size: 92.2 KB

(L)ive (I)nformation (N)etwork (K)eeps (E)verything (R)unning - A tool for managing demo parties and more

Author: linker.dk   Category: Front Ends   License: freeware

apPopupMenu l unique cross-browser drop-down menu that allows the submenus to be displayed on top (across) any frame, form, flash; apPopupMenu can even drop down from the your browser window. These features are not available in the menus created with

Author: apycom.com   Category: Navigation Scripts   License: freeware

Click Traffic Manager l pay-per-click banner system with affiliate program. Webmasters earn money on : - Clicks program - Impressions program - Exchange traffic - Refer cash Features : - Friendly administration - Advanced statistics for webmasters -

Author: Fernando Chavez   Category: Click Tracking   License: shareware

Enterprise Instant Messenger Features: L Message archiving L IP filtering L Referer filtering L Secure operation capable L Corporate groups L Customizable user groups L Bad word filtering L Supports simutaneous converstions in multipl

Author: flylip.net   Category: Chat Scripts   License: shareware

Service Management Master l software for service centers and workshops. SMM represents new generation of management software for service centers. It manages full life cycle of repairing and tuning l from equipment reception to shipping repaired equip

Author: Fernando Chavez   Category: Miscellaneous   License: shareware

Client Features:L Have access to the full list of the sunglasses or he could sort them by BrandL Model, code, Gender, type of lenses, type of frames, price , currency converter, retail priceL Photo , sizes, color, lens color, frame color, send the li

Author: Soft Acid   Category: Shopping Cart Software   License: shareware


Author: greglief.com   Category: Components Collection   License: shareware   Size: 1000.0 KB

This is a demo program of the paper L. Ma, J. Tian, and W. Yu, "Visual saliency detection in image using ant colony optimisation and local phase coherence," Electronics Letters, Vol. 46, Jul. 2010, pp. 1066-1068.

Author: Kanchi   Category: Build Tools   License: freeware   Size: 20.5 KB

[ih]=invFIR(type,h,Nfft,Noct,L,range,reg,window)- optional GUI included-inputs overview---------------type:1. 'linphase': symmetric two-sided response compensating magnitude while maintaining original phase information2.

Author: Matthes   Category: Build Tools   License: freeware   Size: 20.5 KB

SSA generates a trayectory matrix from the original series by sliding a window of length L. The trayectory matrix is aproximated using Singular Value Decomposition. The last step reconstructs the series from the aproximated trayectory matrix.

Author: Francisco Javier Alonso   Category: Build Tools   License: freeware   Size: 10.0 KB

ISSUE:We can observe that when the dimension of A is a multiple of 2, pixel information is misplaced (top-left-corner) or lost (bottom-right-corner)FIGURES:1st-row L-to-R: Shows an original image GREEN, then its MATLAB's radon transform (a.k.a.

Author: Erik Rodrigo Valdes-Estrada   Category: Build Tools   License: freeware   Size: 10.0 KB