Secured For Wireless Internet Scripts

This software designed for the internet, it will serve to your visitors a fully functional slot machine game that needs no plug-inls or downloads. The game images are refreshed after the game is played through, so there is no interruption as the game

Author: Don Dion   Category: Winsock & Internet   License: shareware


The complete solution for cleaning Internet activities and traces of your PC. It cleans up your browser's cache, cookies, history, recent document list and much more automatically. With Advanced Tracks Eraser Plug-Ins you can clean the tracks of up t

Author: Benutec Software   Category: Compression, Encryption   License: shareware   Size: 568.0 KB


This program simulates the Large Scale Path Loss for Wireless Communications. It also includes the outdoor propagation model called Okumura Model.

Author: Noe Mendivil   Category: Build Tools   License: freeware   Size: 10.0 KB

OpenPHPNuke (OPN) is an Open Source Web Content Management System (WCMS) which will assist you in the creation, administration, and maintenance of contents for the internet or intranet.

Author: Heinz Hombergs   Category: Miscellaneous   License: freeware   Size: 23.4 MB

WAPcontrol is a fully-featured system administration tool for wireless devices.Included is the ability to configure at-a-glance status monitoring of services, start/restart services, run user-specified commands, and reboot a server.

Author: Zach Hendershot   Category: Miscellaneous   License: freeware   Size: 10.0 KB

Access Points PHP-Nuke module is useful for Wireless Communities who have a PHP-Nuke CMS web page and want to show their members where their access points are located in the city. Has option to automatically include a part of NodeDB.

Author: Apsmodule   Category: Miscellaneous   License: freeware

TRIAD is a browser-independent and platform-independent framework for Rich Internet Aplications.

Author: Triad   Category: User Interfaces   License: freeware

Simple News system for your internet / intranet site. Includes news article editor for addition / editing deleting of news articles from any browser.

Author: John R. Bayleyaaaa   Category: News Posting   License: freeware

An add-in for Microsoft Internet Explorer that allows you to view, traverse, and even dynamically update that HTML DOM directly in the browser window, real-time analyze interested web pages and learn their tricks quickly and even find hidden informat

Author: Qing Hai   Category: Winsock & Internet   License: shareware   Size: 2.2 MB

Nalanda is a library management software for producing internet/intranet based libraries.It can also be used on a single machine with no networking.

Author: Manu J   Category: Miscellaneous   License: freeware   Size: 71.7 KB

TestifIE is an open-source based UI test automation offering for Microsoft Internet Explorer, offering record-and-playback functionality. Testcases can be recorded using testifIERecorder, or manually developed in simple XML, or in Java.

Author: Testifie   Category: Development Tools   License: freeware

The BanPro DMS is a solution for any Internet or Intranet site which requires a rich-text environment for the creation and sharing of documents.Perfect for anyone who wants to run a blog, journal or other rich-text document pages on their network.

Author: Banprodms   Category: Documentation   License: freeware   Size: 15.4 KB

DIRT stands for Database Internet Record Transfer. DIRT is similar to ODBC, OLEDB, and other alphabet soup acronyms for data transfer interfaces. The difference for DIRT is that it is exposed as a cloud web service initially based on SOAP.

Author: Dirtcloud   Category: Servers   License: freeware

There are a lot of web sites out there which are for Microsoft Internet Explorer only. TouchUpWeb intends to reduce such vendor lock-in caused by browser dependency and provides filtering utility to fix these problems.

Author: Touchupweb   Category: Data Formats   License: freeware   Size: 4.0 MB

The Swerve SOA is a rapid application development platform for rich Internet applications utilizing J2SE/J2EE and Flex 2

Author: Swerveframework   Category: Data Formats   License: freeware   Size: 10.8 MB

Itemscript is a declarative provisioning language for rich internet applications. With Itemscript you can animate applications, pages and panel components using simple JSON payloads. This enables iterative development and non-destructive change.

Author: Itemscript   Category: Data Formats   License: freeware

pInet is an ActiveX Dll that provides a platform for using Internet protocol like ICMP ping, FTP, HTTP and Telnet. It is written in VB and can be deploy to all Win32 OS with VB6.0 Runtime Installed.

Author: Pinet   Category: Build Tools   License: freeware   Size: 17.4 KB

Logical Neighborhoods is a a high-level programming abstraction for wireless sensor networks that simplifies the development of fully distributed, embedded networked applications.

Author: Logicalneighbor   Category: Code Generators   License: freeware

TRMSim-WSN (Trust and Reputation Models Simulator for Wireless Sensor Networks) is a Java-based simulator aimed to test Trust and Reputation models for WSNs. It provides several Trust and Reputation models and new ones can be easily added.

Author: Trmsim-wsn   Category: User Interfaces   License: freeware   Size: 1.6 MB

The Braemar Framework is a lightweight solution for Rich Internet Applications development in Flash CS3/Actionscript 3.0. The Framework is based on Adobe's Framework called Cairngorm created by Steven Webster.

Author: Braemar   Category: Object Oriented   License: freeware

Secured For Wireless Internet Related Software

Wireless Internet ProviderS is a WiFi software that let you become a wireless Internet provider using the WiFi-eanbled laptops. You can provide the WiFi Internet access service for your family or friends, also to your secondary laptop or mobile.

Cyber cafe software - Internet cafe software - Wi-Fi HotSpot Billing - from MyCafeCup is a software for operating Internet Cafe, CyberCafe, Game Center, Gaming Cafe and PC rental shop.

Notepad for safe storage of records. Store passwords from websites or notes without worrying about their safety. The program uses the most popular and powerful encryption algorithm AES. Securepad is lightweight and can be run from a flash drive. The

Highly encrypted instant messaging. Import your MSN, AIM, Yahoo, and ICQ buddy lists all into one piece of software and protect your privacy.

Free download pdf unlocker tool to unlock pdf security for allowing printing, editing & copying in your pdf document which is restricted due to owner password. Tool works like magic if you lost or forgot owner password & there is no more hope.

Kernel for PDF Restriction Removal lets you edit, copy, print and extract PDF data by removing the local restrictions imposed on it. It offers an interactive GUI that makes it quite easy for the user to use the software.

Tiasoft Secured Drive is a program to secure your files. You create a virtual drive which content personal data and files and if you want to access them you need a password chose earlier by you.