Split Screen Scripts

The most important feature will be a split screen (inspired by WordPerfect(R) Reveal Codes) showing the underlying TeX code.

Author: Texperfect   Category: Text Processing   License: freeware


Gulpad example provides a split screen where the Xul code can be typed and immediately previewed.

Author: Phpgul   Category: Data Formats   License: freeware   Size: 30.1 KB


ACE Reporter is a native VCL component for Delphi that allows you to easily create complex banded reports that are linked directly into your EXEs. You do your designing right inside Delphi, just like the rest of your application. There are no messy

Author: SCT Associates Inc   Category: Printing & Reporting   License: shareware   Size: 2.0 MB

retawq is an interactive, multi-threaded network client (web browser) for text terminals on computers with Unix-like operating systems.

It is written in C, fast, small, nicely configurable, and comfortable; e.g.

Author: Retawq   Category: Networking Tools   License: freeware

ABF Screen Saver is a simple screen saver that works on any 32-bit version of Microsoft Windows. This is a freeware program, so you can freely download, use or distribute it. It is built using the OpenGL technology, but screen saver works great on an

Author: ABF Software, Inc   Category: Graphical Controls   License: freeware   Size: 431.0 KB

ABF Splash Screen is a tool for showing any splash screens. Everything you need is to find or create a splash picture. Splash screen can have a non-rectangular shape.Usage: Spalsh.exe [Interval] [FileName] [TransColor]Example: Spalsh.exe 3000

Author: ABF Software, Inc   Category: Graphical Controls   License: shareware   Size: 291.0 KB

Virtual Screen Spy is a Screen Capture Software. Similar to a surveillance camera, Virtual Screen Spy captures images / Screenshots of your computer screen. Virtual Screen Spy takes a Screen Capture of the monitored Windows User as selected in the Sc

Author: Virtual Software LTD   Category: Graphical Controls   License: shareware   Size: 737.0 KB

Quick Screen Recorder is a video screen capture, screen recording tool used for recording screen activity into standard AVI video files. If you move the cursor, launch a new program, type some text, click a few buttons, or select some menus -- anythi

Author: Etrusoft Inc.   Category: Multimedia   License: shareware   Size: 576.0 KB

ICT Screen To AVI 2.0 is a VCL component that allows you to create AVI movies of the screen. It supports 16 color or above. Captures Desktop or specified rectangle. Has options to capture mouse cursor and use various codecs for compression. Great

Author: ICT Enterprises   Category: Multimedia   License: shareware   Size: 242.0 KB

Quick Screen Capture is a screen capture and image editing tool that can capture any part of your screen. You can make professional screen shots and save them as bmp, png, pcx,tif,gif or jpg files. Amor Screen Capture can capture the entire screen, a

Author: Screen Capture Development   Category: Multimedia   License: shareware   Size: 1.1 MB

Quick Screen Recorder is a screen recording, video capture tool. It can record screen activity into normal AVI video files. Quick Screen Recorder is a powerful video-recording software, allows you record the full screen, window or fixed-region to AVI

Author: Screen Capture Development   Category: Multimedia   License: shareware   Size: 576.0 KB

This code describes the implementation of a full screen caption bar in Win32/MFC.

Author: Lars Werner   Category: Form Processing   License: freeware   Size: 71.7 KB

Free Split and Merge Expectation-Maximization algorithm for Multivariate Gaussian Mixtures.

Author: Sebastien Paris   Category: Development Tools   License: freeware   Size: 215.0 KB

Now you can display a fancy, real splash screen instead of the boring command window while your compiled GUI is starting up. You can modify the appearance of the splash screen easily by exchanging a bitmap file.

Author: W Thielicke   Category: Multimedia   License: shareware   Size: 204.8 KB


Author: Diego Orlando   Category: Multimedia   License: shareware   Size: 3.9 MB

Fast Split MySQL Result is meant to split MySQL query results in multiple pages with HTML tables. It uses javascript to generate the navigation links.

Author: Haibo Lin   Category: Database Tools   License: freeware   Size: 10.0 KB

Split Result is meant to split the presentation of a MySQL database query results between multiple pages.

Author: Gaidar   Category: Database Tools   License: freeware   Size: 10.0 KB

Simple Full Screen Background Image will allow you to easily upload and set a full screen image as the background of your website.

Author: mordauk   Category: phpBB Modules   License: shareware   Size: 6.4 MB

Garee's Split Gallery allows you to number the images to be shown (e.g. show='1-3d-dedc) and uses the native WordPress-gallery-shortcode to do the rest. Break your galleries apart - but don't insert hardcoded img-tags directly.

Author: garee   Category: phpBB Modules   License: shareware   Size: 440.3 KB

Hierarchical Split script is useful when you want to split a string more times, hierarchically.

Author: code.activestate.com   Category: Miscellaneous   License: freeware

Split Screen Related Software

7-PDF Split & Merge is a great free program to split & merge PDF-Files for Windows 7, VISTA and XP. You can compose new PDF-Files while using individual sorting, customized patterns (similar to Word printing), etc.

Great utility for splitting file into multiple smaller piece. This feature is very useful to overcome limits on the size of e-mail attachments and as an alternative to disk spanning.

HJSplit 1.4 lets you cut any file into smaller pieces to make them easier to transport in diskettes or send them via the Internet.

Split ’Em is a simple and flexible 001-type file splitter and merger. It can split any big file into as many smaller files as needed, either by stating the size of each of the split files or the total number of files you want.

Split/Second is a fast-paced, action, racing game for Windows. Made by Disney Interactive and Black Rock, it is a very fun racing game. It is not a simulation game, so hardcore racing fans look the other way.

6 Split your files" is a program that splits large files into several smaller files.

FRX Split will extract files contained in Visual Basic Form Binary Files. (*.FRX) When you assign an image to a picture control in Visual Basic, its contents are copied to a special file with the extension of FRX.