Vlc Player New.Html Scripts

This tool (CoberturaReport) will take that xml report (cobertura) as input and create a new html report which will contains bar charts, Scatter charts & Tag clouds to bring attention to risk points.

Author: Coberturareport   Category: Quality Control   License: freeware


This module tries to make using of HTML templates simple and natural. It extends standard HTML with a few new HTML-esque tags. The template is usually saved separate from your script. It can also be created by someone else. Using this module you fil

Author: HTML::Template   Category: Libraries and Modules   License: freeware


This script allows you to make sure your website is up-to-date with the new HTML/CSS standards.

Author: Sulfericacid.com   Category: HTML Manipulation   License: freeware

This script allows users to have input from any HTML form and then it will be sent to an email address. It does not require CGI program for each new HTML form and also this script does not need to be placed on the same server as HTML forms. This scri

Author: Martin Gleeson   Category: Form Processors   License: freeware

Hindent is a perl utility which takes one or more HTML files and reformats them by indenting them for human readability. The new HTML code is written to standard output. If no file is specified, hindent reads from standard input. If more than one fi

Author: Paul A. Balyoz   Category: Miscellaneous   License: freeware

TeCoPa (Text Content Parser) is a multi-platform compatible small PHP script that takes textual content and parses it, and produces a new HTML. Output can be modified by placing tags in the text. Designed to be easy to add custom tags to the code or

Author: tachi   Category: Miscellaneous   License: freeware

webJobManager is the perfect solution to add to your business's site. webJobManager allows you to post new job openings with the click of a button, without having to create new HTML pages. Jobs can be placed in a number of different categories (speci

Author: web-scribble.com   Category: Employment   License: shareware

Its an ActiveX based web control support and current version supports Windows Media Player, Real Player, QuickTime Player, VLC player and Flash player.

Author: Vgwebcontrols   Category: Libraries   License: freeware

Add up to 5 blocks of HTML content to WordPress pages andposts. A perfect solution for layouts with distinct content "blocks", such as a sidebar or multi-column view.

Author: Jacob M Goldman (C. Murray Consulting)   Category: Internet Utilities   License: freeware   Size: 10.0 KB

TActiveMovie is a VCL component for Delphi or C++ Builder that allows you to embed the Microsoft's Media Player within your project. You can play forwards, backwards, zoom in, zoom out, scroll horizontally and vertically, display videos in full scree

Author: Datastead   Category: Graphical Controls   License: shareware   Size: 1.8 MB

Generation of video in matlab, with the means of playing it realtime in a separte thread via VLCThis is done with perceptual studies especially in mind.

Author: Stefan Karlsson   Category: Development Tools   License: shareware   Size: 10.0 KB

Application is 100% Active Server Pages (ASP) Script and there are NO DLL's to install on the server. Easy-to-use, Online administration. Newsletter signup forms. Supports several mail components including: CDONTS, Persits ASP Email, ASP Mail, J Mail

Author: quickezine.com   Category: Mailing List Managers   License: shareware

PropertyPageSaver is a non-visible component that lets you easily save and restore the current settings of COM property pages, programmatically or through a property pages dialog.You can use several different sets of values for each interface, accord

Author: Datastead   Category: Common Controls   License: shareware   Size: 1.5 MB

The Quick Sort is among one of the fastest sorting algorithms, easy to find on the Internet.What brings moreover abcQSort?AbcQSort is a cunning sorting tool for Delphi REALLY FASTER than other QuickSort algorithms you can find for Delphi. It is

Author: Datastead   Category: Math, Statistics, Algorithms   License: freeware   Size: 27.0 KB

HTML2FO ist a converter for HTML files to the new XSL:FO format.It supports most of the usual tags. If you are missing a tag or think a tag is not handled as expected please open a feature request item.

Author: Enrico Schnepel   Category: Development Tools   License: freeware   Size: 51.2 KB

This application recodes the HTML file using a new character set, while losing no characters at all.

Author: Joel Yliluoma   Category: Development Tools   License: freeware   Size: 41.0 KB

SWF Movie Player is a new absolutely free software solution specially designed for Mac OS. It provides a variety of useful features which make viewing SWF even more enjoyable. With Eltima SWF Player use new options, such as frame-by-frame preview, z

Author: ELTIMA Software GmbH   Category: Multimedia   License: freeware   Size: 2.0 MB

Sample of using the new Dynamic HTML Editing control from Microsoft. Requires installation of the MS DHTML Editing Control SDK. Early beta - limited functionality. Shows bugs in the MS controls.

Author: Ron Loewy   Category: Samples   License: freeware   Size: 199.0 KB

The Flash Player 9 runs in a new ActionScript Virtual Machine (AVM).

Author: Flash Extensions, LLC   Category: Flash   License: freeware   Size: 61.4 KB

New AJAX Sortable can be used to display and edit data from MySQL table records in HTML table using AJAX to avoid page reloading. It generates an HTML table with data from a MySQL database .

Author: red_owl   Category: Database Tools   License: freeware   Size: 81.9 KB

Vlc Player New.Html Related Software

VLC media player is a free and open source multimedia player and a system able to play most multimedia files as well as DVDs, Audio CDs, VCDs, and various streaming protocols.

Simple, fast and powerful media player. Plays everything: Files, Discs, Webcams, Devices and Streams. Plays most codecs with no codec packs needed: MPEG-2, DivX, H.264, MKV, WebM, WMV, MP3... Runs on all platforms: Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, Unix..

VLC (VideoLan Client) is an incredible multimedia player capable of playing a great variety of video and audio formats, like DVDs, VCDs, etc.On top of being free, VLC also has multi-language support, is easy to use and very quick.

VLC-Lite is a stripped-down, compact version of the VLC media player used for playback of a few select media codecs and containers. Plays everything, Files, Discs (DVD, CD, VCD), Devices and Streams. Plays most codecs with no codec packs needed.

VLC TV is a portable version of the free VLC Media Player, with a list of TV channels included in the Media Library. You will then be able to watch the included TV channels without using other player, or watching undesired ads.

The VideoRendererElement allows for high-performance, custom video in WPF. The VideoRendererElement allows for high-performance, custom video in WPF.

Vlc-record is a tool written in Qt / C to record / play streams from kartina.tv using the vlc media player. VLC-Record 2.xx is available for Windows and Linux (Ubuntu packages available).