Wifi Generate.Html Scripts

HBorn provides you a way to generate HTML/javascript pages from simple files as flash movie, text document, video clip, audio file... the file type is autorecognized.

Author: Jacoponi Luca   Category: Development Scripts   License: freeware   Size: 81.9 KB


Eyesis Data Grid Control can execute a given SQL query and generate HTML and javascript code to display the data in an HTML table.The table listing can be sorted by clicking on the column header titles.

Author: Mike Frank   Category: Database Tools   License: freeware   Size: 307.2 KB


radiocheckbox can be used to generate HTML forms with radio and checkbox inputs from data retrieve from MySQL tables.radiocheckbox can query a MySQL database to retrieve the list of ENUM or SET fields of a table that match a given pattern.

Author: Juergen Husse   Category: Database Tools   License: freeware   Size: 61.4 KB

SoloWiki is a stand-alone editor using Mediawiki markup language to generate HTML code.Some Mediawiki users may find useful to edit and preview text while offline.

Author: Giuseppe Profiti   Category: Miscellaneous   License: freeware   Size: 1.2 MB

HTML Forms Generator:A tool to generate HTML input forms and SQL schema statements.

Author: Formsgen   Category: Code Generators   License: freeware

This script allows users to generate HTML based forms quickly. Users can send email to a specific email address and it uses cc that helps the users to send the same message to multiple recipients. It stores the data into a log file to view later. It

Author: BigNoseBird   Category: Form Processors   License: freeware

Form Table Generator can be used to generate HTML forms for adding or editing MySQL database table records. It retrieves the list of fields of a given MySQL database table. Then it generates HTML forms for entering values of records of that table.

Author: Michael John Burgess   Category: Database Tools   License: freeware   Size: 51.2 KB

BBcode TS can be used as a template engine to process text with BBcode tags, similar to those used by PHPBB, and generate HTML output.

Author: Jacek Wloka   Category: Miscellaneous   License: freeware   Size: 10.0 KB

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wysiwyg_web_edit is a web-based WYSIWYG HTML editor dessigned to generate HTML code directly from a browser in a WYSIWYG view, so you don't need to know HTML to use it.

Features: - New Document.

Author: unica.edu   Category: Miscellaneous   License: freeware

The FCKeditor WYSIWYG editor allows you to generate HTML-formatted text from an easy to use visual interface, which resembles that of desktop text editors.

Author: ftp.drupal.org   Category: CMS Software   License: freeware

A stand-alone editor using Mediawiki markup language to generate HTML code. You can create and preview pages written using Mediawiki markup (i.e. Wikipedia pages) while off-line.

Author: Solowiki   Category: Text Processing   License: freeware   Size: 46.3 KB

Optimize jsp develop with a library thats generate HTML code y javascript.
Support Database with pools, AJAX, Jquery, generate tables, fields and images with this framework.

Author: Jsprad   Category: Frameworks   License: freeware   Size: 82.3 KB

AJAX based tool-kit to generate HTML form from any XSD file. It can add/delete nodes per XSD. Utilizes DOM, Transforms XSD to meta XSD and meta XSD to GUI DOM and to HTML. Populates valid XML file after rendering the XSD based HTML form on browser.

Author: Xsd2gui   Category: Data Formats   License: freeware   Size: 493.0 KB

HTMLInc is a Java program that is designed to process include files within html source files and generate HTML pages. The program can be used to republish an entire site after changing only a few files.

Author: Htmlinc   Category: Build Tools   License: freeware   Size: 547.6 KB

Use your mouse to generate HTML Image Maps with ease. Draw shapes over a loaded image to define hyper link areas and the HTML source code is generated automatically.

Author: Jmapper   Category: Code Generators   License: freeware   Size: 709.0 KB

The XML Design Documentation Tools are a set of XML stylesheets and a schema that can be used to write and maintain software Design documentation, and then use the XML source to generate HTML, PDF, etc. copies of the documentation.

Author: Xml-designdoc   Category: Code Generators   License: freeware   Size: 18.1 KB

Simple library built on top of dom4j to create logical HTML documents easily and generate HTML output from them with proper encoding. For example, it is difficult to create "p" elements with all the attributes using just dom4j.

Author: Htmlenc   Category: Code Generators   License: freeware   Size: 5.7 MB

Library PHP to generate HTML code.

Author: Webgetx   Category: Object Oriented   License: freeware

Script(s) to generate html documentation from comments in the code. Has additional directory/package descriptions. Supports: Perl, Java, C/C++, CSharp. Works on multiple language projects and can handle multi-language in several ways.

Author: Makedocs   Category: Documentation   License: freeware

generate HTML data entry pages and reports based on data dictionaries (metadata).

Author: Piensa   Category: Development Tools   License: freeware

Wifi Generate.Html Related Software

Barcode Generate software facilitates users to design versatile barcode images within few simple mouse clicks. Asset tag creator is helpful for business professional in generation of scan able price tags to increase product sales in economical way.

This powerful and easy to use utility will help you to resize thousands of large size photos or images, and enjoy the easiest way of creating a web image gallery.

Professionally developed Generate Barcode software provides easiest way to design barcode images in form of tags, sticker, ribbons, roll, coupon, labels etc for multiple organizations without having you any previous technical knowledge or skill.

Recommends Generate ID Card software is economical to design and print multiple copies of identity card with different color, shape, size and style. Card designing tool provides facility to create variety of ID card.

Do you have any knowledge of how to create upc bar code for your business Download Generate 2D Barcode software from website to compose customized labels, sticker, hologram, rolls, ribbons and print it on paper for future reference.

Easy, free and quick way to automatically produce thumbnail web galleries and HTML pages to display your image collections. It will automatically resize and optimize your images then create Web pages with thumbnails and links to the full-size images.

Random Numbers generates true random numbers; compiled program and source code are included. The source code uses two little-known algorithms to generate unique random numbers. The numbers are truly random. The randomization seed is highly random.