Grid Layout Snippets

This is a short way of positioning display objects in a grid layout. It makes use of the modulo operator (%) to position each display object along the x axis and the floor method of the Math class for the y position. This example creates 20 instances of a custom display object called MyDisplayObject positioning each instance in a grid 5 columns...

11 October, 2012   

Python code example for Grid made by Label and Entry

Python code example for Grid made by the Label with Raised border

27 March, 2013   

CSS code for table-layout property using an example code in html page.

14 January, 2012   

How to Setting AccessText properties

23 October, 2012   

MySQL code example for sorting data in a GRID

Makes it extremely easy to integrate code igniter and smarty as well as provide layout capabilites.

15 July, 2013   

This code will be used to bind an xml file to gridview

27 August, 2012   

HTML code for Top & Bottom Halves Layout

29 January, 2011   

all: Used for all media type devices aural: Used for speech and sound synthesizers braille: Used for braille tactile feedback devices embossed: Used for paged braille printers handheld: Used for small or handheld devices print: Used for printers projection: Used for projected presentations, like slides screen: Used for computer screens tty: Used...

An example of Strict Textmate Template

Basic XHTML 1.0 layout which includes basic layout structure and is prepared for jQuery. On load a 'js' class is added to the root element in order to nicely handle graceful degradation if JS is disabled and prevent flickering if JS is enabled.

09 March, 2011   

Default XHTML start code for designing a layout or template for your website. Great for working on several clients/projects and do not want to retype this code over and over again.

01 January, 2013   

Basic template for xhtml transitional

01 April, 2011   

This sticky footer solution is working in all major browsers, including Google Chrome! It works with floated 2-column layouts and we don't get overlap in re-sized browser windows unlike older solutions you find when you Google sticky footer. And you don't need an empty push div.

Flex: My First Flex / Facebook Application by chrisaiv

11 September, 2014   

Code to display the current time as a .PNG image.