Code Snippets Submitted by Jhon Smith

24 October, 2016   

You should NOT use this if you are ACTUALLY using WordPress.

05 March, 2017   

To add a "space" to the dock in OS X, open up and enter this. Enter it as many times as you want spaces. Error on too many, they are easy to remove. by Chris Coyier

12 March, 2017   

PHP code snippet for Automatic Mailto Links

Exam code to backup MySQL Database to SQL File

Note: The ASP.Net RadioButtons must be set with exact same GroupName property in order to make them mutually exclusive.

21 December, 2016   

Convert Polygon to Path Data code snippet by Chris Coyier

09 November, 2017   

Copies Source file to Dest file, preserving modification date. Required units: Classes, SysUtils.

08 February, 2017   

Code example to create a new file under linux

13 April, 2017   

From the v8 design of CSS-Tricks

Source code for KMP String Search Algorithm

Note that to add a new column to the query, just add in an input box to the HTML, the PHP generates an insert for each field.

The Gmail Bookmarklet will add a unique string to the email signature to prevent Gmail from trimming the content.

05 December, 2016   

Stop IE Page Load Flicker Html code Snippet by Chris Coyier

29 December, 2016   

JavaScript code snippet to test if Mac or PC

27 September, 2017   

C/C++ source code - Three ways to do a swap