AutoClick Robot 2.0

AutoClick Robot 2.0
Publisher: AutoClick Robot Date added: 04 June, 2012
License: Freeware Size: 52.0 KB
Editor rating: 5 Stars

Auto Click Robot can perform mouse and keyboard events, thus help to automate a routine work. It is programmable,click on images, thus it is a effective tool than other autoclicker softwares. Support



Auto Click Robot is a software that can perform clicks on specified images, specified points, perform defined keyboard inputs, copy text and more. Setup at out website.It can perform sequence of events like click a image(1 or n times), then click a point, then copy a text at a location, repeat some actions in loop. Easy to configure and far effective than existing macro recorders and other blind clicking softwares.This can be made intelligent by sequence of events.Configuring the application is explained in depth later, Please see below a sample setup to perform 10 clicks with 1 second gap on site.The command means clickimage follow button 10 times with 1000ms time gap.Examples where this software can be used ? Perform 100 clicks on a button or link on a website or application.Automatically login to a site and perform predefined tasks.Upload 100 files to a website where bulk operation is not available.Can be used in desktop applications, Say add 100 stocks to a trading terminal.

Tags: Autoclick, Autoclicker, Mouseclicker, Mouse Auto Click, Mouse Clicker, Mouse Autoclick
Platforms: Windows , Win98 , XP , WinXP
Requirements: Java latest version
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