Aidc Software

JailHelper provides the ability to search JailHelper provides the ability to search for a barcode on a page, recognize its symbology and recognize the data within.
JailHelper is available for the Windows and Linux operating systems. Porting to embedded system is available upon reques

Data Acquisition ActiveX for Serial, TCP, USB This data acquisition software component makes data acquisition and data collection easy! Automate data collection with devices like barcode readers, scanners, gauges and scales. For Visual Basic, C/C++, .NET, Excel, Access, Word, Delphi, IE and more

Software Wedge, Keyboard Wedge, Barcode Wedge The data acquisition software TWedge extends software systems with real-time data collection. Device data (RS232, RS485, TCP/IP, USB, Bluetooth) is captured automatically and forwarded to applications (ODBC databases, files, virtual keystrokes).