Freeu Proxy 1 7 Tunnel U Software

Adobe media player 1. Adobe media player 1.7 is a cross-platform desktop media player particularly intended to play streamed or downloaded media content when you are on- or off-line. This application provides an interesting way to watch videos online.

Batch Thumbs 1. Batch Thumbs 1.7 is a software graphics program that enables users to convert, copy and rename files, and create thumbnails from their own images. With Batch Thumbs 1.

Power Tab Editor 1. Power Tab Editor 1.7 is an inclusive music composer tool, one can use to create their own music scores in both standard and tablature notation.

TC PowerPack 1. TC PowerPack 1.7 is a file manager for Windows. This program is, in fact, an extended version of Total Commander, a program made by Christian Ghisler. Total Commander 6.54a is included in TC PowerPack 1.7.

WordConverterExe 1. WordConverterExe 1.7 is a program which can be interesting for those MS Office users who need to make document conversions. From time to time, you can't use the native format of Word or Excel for some reasons.

XL Delete 1. XL Delete 1.7 is a file tool that permanently deletes files and folders using a powerful wipe engine.

Advanced Flash Synchronizer 1. Advanced Flash Synchronizer 1.7 will help you back up and synchronize data on two computers that is not connected directly by the help of the external Flash/USB/ZIP drive.

MuralPix 1. MuralPix is a program that creates and changes wallpapers from JPG images. The program provides an Image Browser that lets you select any JPG image stored in any drive, and apply it as a wallpaper.

Wallpaper Switcher 1. Wallpaper Switcher 1.7 is a simple system tray utility for changing wallpapers on your desktop. It doesn’t need a lot of system resources for its performance. This application has a very simple and easy-to-use interface.

The Extension Manager 1. The Extension Manager 1.7 is an application that is part of the Fireworks 8 and Flash 8.

Whorld 1. Whorld 1.7.06 is a visualizer for sacred geometry. In short, sacred geometry is a balance between mathematical patterns and geometry which is said to be present in light, music, and, well, life.

K-Lab Watermark 1. K-Lab Watermark 1.7 is a tool which protects digital images by placing a watermark protection. This tool supports file formats such as JPEG, PNG, GIF, Animated GIF, EMF and WMF. The watermark to be added can be colored or transparent.

3D TV channel with numerous minidocumentaries about the Earth, Moon and Mars, together with games and educational programs. Earthsim TV 1.7.9. is a 3D TV channel that uses Q technology, which is the latest in the new generation of interactive TV, that offers images, traditional documentaries, games and educational programs.

Add-on for your Firefox browser that lets you consult the significance of any word you select. ConQuery 1.7.3 is an add-on for your Firefox browser which will, from this program and from the Thunderbird email program, let you consult the significance of any word you select, including translate it into another language.

Elegant WordPress theme with transparencies that allow large configurations. Vistered Little 1.7.5 is a template for WordPress in two columns that is prepared to support widgets. It is very configurable thanks to its options sheet and it has a spectacular interface with outstanding transparencies.

It lets the user run games from the first Playstation on the PSP. PopStation GUI 1.7.2 is a free tool that lets the user run games from the first Playstation on the PSP. This is possible thanks to converting the game CD?s images from PSX (iso, bin or img formats) to loadable EBOOTS for your PSP.

A different and more fun way to bowl. If you are bored of the trsditional way of bowling, then the moment has arrived to try a new and different type of bowling like, for example, Elf Bowling 7 1/7: The Last Insult 1.0.

A game in which you have to eliminate squares, and they all have to fall until everything disappears. Absolute BlockBuster 1.7 is a typical Tetris-style game where you have to show some skill. The objective is very basic but still tremendously difficult to solve.

Strange Tetris in which you must place the pieces to make the flowers perfectly aligned. Petal Palace 1.1.7 is a strange Tetris set in a large garden, where you must place the pieces correctly so that they form a perfectly aligned flower.

Practical tool to divide files into smaller fragments personalized by the user. KsSplitter 1.7 is a simple and practical tool to divide files into smaller fragments. The size of those fragments can be personalized by the user, and the original file can be reconstructed from them.