Kinghyt Dupe Checker.Html Software

Dupe Checker PRO Find All Duped Files! Dupe Checker PRO will find all dupe files and folders for the same names, file duplicated content and size, empty files and folders.

Everyone can make a website nowadays. Everyone can make a website nowadays. Or at least, that's what we'd like to think.

Promote your web site to search engines Active WebTraffic is a professional web promotion software that includes everything you need to submit, position and promote your web site to search engines and internet directories worldwide.

backlink checker tool raise website page rank Weblink checker program helps in monitoring back links available on different partner sites and easily prepares details of back link activities in either HTML or text format for evaluation purposes in future by webmaster helps in improving site rank.

EMail Checker / Reader, HTML Mailer. Browser Mokum Mail is an EMail Checker / Reader, an HTML EMailer and a WEB Browser, all in one! With MM you can create in no time beautiful and stylish HTML EMail THEMES with stationery, pictures and music.

FREE fast offline HTML & CSS syntax checker CSE HTML Validator Lite is a fast, easy to use, and FREE HTML & CSS development tool for Microsoft Windows that helps you create problem-free HTML, CSS, and XHTML documents. It's also an excellent learning tool.

Download reciprocal links tracking software Web link checking software can detect sites where link is not found and alert them by sending automatic email notifications. Utility supports comma separated values, text and html files. Back link checker has an attractive graphical user interface.

HTML Editor Control for .NET Applicatications .NET HTML Editor control for Windows Applications (GET HTML/XHTML, or SET Html Content). Spell Checker, customizable toolbar, featured class members, GUI CSS Builder, Source editing and lots of features are just there.Supports Relative URLs.

Backlink checker software checks inward links Download powerful and efficient website backlink checker software that empowers user to monitor their website links availability over advertiser website pages in real time and analyze websites popularity and performance over World Wide Web.

fast&easy html code cleaner for web pages HTML Code Cleaner is a fast&easy html ducuments optimization tool. Its main function is to save space on your web pages by removing unnecessary characters and tags. It also help you to check/fix broken links.

HTML and script editor. STFWebPen is easy-to-use but robust HTML and script editor with:: FTP Client, CSS and DHTML Menu Wizards, Spelling checker, Image Mapper, strong tag support, preview in multiple browsers, syntax highlighting, MSWord docs import and more.

Web Spider, Link Checker&SiteMap Generator All-in-one Website Spider, Broken Link Checker, Response Timer, Google SiteMap Generator, Browser&Editor. Scan entire websites for broken links, server errors and page response times. Highlight broken links in browser or source then edit and save.

Add an HTML Editor to your next project. Developers, integrate a professional looking interface and a full set of HTML Editing features in your next project with just a few lines of code.

Backlink checker software detect HTML code Get details of Search Engine Optimization services which allow your website to manage page rank and appear website within in search engine results in an effective and user friendly manner.

A powerful award-winning text and HTML editor A leading-edge, award-winning text and HTML editor. Handle huge files with ease, convert text to HTML, build document templates and take charge of your code. Fully extensible, with a powerful scripting language to meet the needs of the serious user.

Useful design tool to create HTML pages This visual creating package aids you develop Web sites without having to understand HTML; only manipulating with page elements. The software has integrated picture preparation instruments so you don`t need to exploit a third-party picture editor.

Website backlink checker give realtime status Developer offers website backlink checker software that facilitates user to monitor their website links over advertiser web pages in real time and analyze sites popularity and performance over internet according to inline and outgoing website links.

Useful drafting toolkit to design HTML sites This visual designing package aids you design Internet pages with no having to understand HTML; just manipulating with site content. The software has build-in picture preparation tools so you don`t should exploit a other graphic instrument.

Visual planning toolkit to design HTML sites This interactive publishing system helps you prepare Online pages with no having to understand HTML; only dragging and dropping site objects. The package has integrated picture design instruments so you don`t need to use a third-party picture tool.

Visual planning package to get HTML sites This interactive designing toolkit aids you make Online sites without having to understand HTML; simply manipulating with page elements.