Net Logging Framework.Html Software

The best .NET Logging Library available NET Logging Library is faster and easier to use than Log4Net. This .NET logging component supports multiple targets, runtime properties, config files, and custom logging.

Linear/2D barcode for .NET Compact Framework NET Compact Framework. Linear/2D Symbologies. Visual Studio support. Pocket PC, Smartphone, Windows CE.NET and Windows Mobile support. Save barcode images in image files and in stream objects. BMP, GIF, PNG and JPEG/JPG. Data Binding

Aspose. NET components for network programming with support for .NET logging framework and Microsoft Exchange Server. Now you can read and write Outlook Message files using Aspose.Network.

Lilith is a simple logging and access event viewer specially designed for the Logback logging framework. Lilith is a simple logging and access event viewer specially designed for the Logback logging framework. It's has features comparable to Chainsaw for log4j.

Flow diagramming for .NET compact framework. NET compact framework that helps you create and present workflow, flowchart and process diagrams, database ER diagrams, organizational, hierarchy and relationship charts, network schemes, graphs and trees.

Visual model designer for Entity Framework NET Entity Framework. You can use Model-First and Database-First approaches to design your model.

Entity Framework, LINQ to SQL modeling tool NET Entity Framework, LinqConnect, and LINQ to SQL.

Microsoft . NET Gadgeteer is an open-source toolkit for building small electronic devices using the .NET Micro Framework and Visual Studio/Visual C# Express.

The ADO. NET Entity Framework Tools Preview CTP contains a preview release of the ADO.NET Entity Designer which enables users to visually design model and mappings using Visual Studio 2008 Beta 2.

The . NET Micro Framework is a .NET implementation for very small, resource constrained devices. It is used for developing managed applications on small devices.

Powerful ORM modeling & code generation tool NET Entity Framework. Is introduces new approaches for designing ORM models, boosts productivity, and facilitates the development of database applications.

Coyote Tracing for . NET is a powerful solution that provides easy to use tracing, logging and routing capabilities for distributed and non-distributed .NET applications.

VbCNet Code Parser For Html is a small, simple, easy to use application specially designed to help you convert . NET or C# code to HTML with just a press of the mouse.Basically this tool will convert your, C#.

Advanced ADO.NET data provider for SQLite NET architecture.With Entity Framework and LINQ to SQL support it introduces new approaches for designing applications, boosts productivity of database application development.

Xceed Zip for . NET Compact Framework is a data compression and all-purpose file manipulation class library for creating mobile apps.

OpenPGP Library for .NET NET includes methods for OpenPGP encryption, decryption, clear signing, one pass sign and encrypt, decrypt and verify, key generation, supports both key store and keys located in files.

Compact Framework Grid Control. NET Compact Framework.

PocketPlanner is a calendar and scheduling component for the . NET compact framework. The control supports yearly, monthly, weekly and daily schedule views.