Ninja Saga Generator Tool V 1 0 Software

This tool enables customers with Windows Azure Access Control Service 1. This tool enables customers with Windows Azure Access Control Service 1.0 namespaces to migrate them to Access Control Service 2.0.When using the ACS 1.0 Migration Tool to copy data between an ACS 1.0 namespace and an ACS 2.

MGTEK Help Producer MGTEK Help Producer is a help authoring tool that allows you to create Microsoft HTML Help 1.0 files, Microsoft Help 2.0 help files, and web based content from a Microsoft Word document.

Do you want a simple tool to eliminate all traces left by your Internet browsing? If what you are looking for is a simple and uncomplicated tool to eliminate all traces of your Internet browsing, then a good choice is Clean History 1.0.

A graphic tool to optimize BMP files. ll see that you lose quite a lot of quality in comparison with the original, and this is where you need a tool called MyBitmap 1.0.There are two objectives of MyBitmap 1.0.

Tool for youngsters to colour-in templates, letting you also print the drawings. Kids Colouring Book 1.0 is a quite simple and basic tool to be used by the youngsters in the house. They can colour-in the drawing templates in order to get used to using the mouse, then save them and/or print them.

Excellent tool for make-up artists and beauticians: Apply and practise all kinds of make-up and beauty effects on different types of face. Virtual Fashion Makeup 1.0 is an absolutely essential and recommended tool for all make-up artists, beauticians and all those who dedicate themselves professionally or as a hobby to this world.

Free office suite created by IBM themselves that offers a text processor, a database and a presentation tool. IBM Lotus Symphony Beta 1.0 is an excellent and free office application created by IBM themselves that tries to compete directly with Microsoft?s MS Office. It includes a text processor, a database and a multimedia presentation tool.

Free tool that will clean up any errors in the registry and any spyware that exists. Computer Repair Free 1.0 is a simple and free tool to clean up any errors in your Windows Registry, temporary residues from the Internet and any spyware found on your PC.

Active CPU 1. Active CPU 1.0 is a small yet useful utility that resembles the built-in task manager tool that comes with Microsoft NT platforms such as Windows NT series, XP and Vista.

Complete File Split Join 1. Complete File Split Join 1.0 is a tool which can split and join files. It has an easy to use Windows UI which shows a preview of the file changes before they are done.

DVDBackupXpress DVD Ripper 1. DVDBackupXpress DVD Ripper 1.0 is an absolutely free tool available with most of the DVD burning and Backup features. DVDBackupXpress DVD Ripper 1.0 supports various types of DVD for making backups or cloning. DVDBackupXpress DVD Ripper 1.

Java GUI Builder version 1. Java GUI Builder version 1.0 is a WYSIWYG program that helps you to create Graphic User Interfaces by dragging and dropping AWT components. Java GUI Builder version 1.

Here is a tool to give your Windows operating system a great new look and easyness of navigation according to your convenience. Here is a tool to give your Windows operating system a great new look and easyness of navigation according to your convenience. Pack Crystal Clear 1.0 would allow users to change the overall look and feel of the Windows navigation.

UberIcon 1. UberIcon 1.0 is a highly efficient small application which makes your desktop more customizable and adds some new visual effects over your icons. This miniature tool integrates with your Explorer, Desktop and with most of the software.

Uniblue DiskRescue 2009 1. Uniblue DiskRescue 2009 1.0 is a piece of software designed to give us the necessary tool for defragmenting our computer's hard drive so we get a better performance.

Data documentation and metadata management. Dictionary 1.0 is a highly flexible and powerful metadata tool, allowing users to easily create and manage customizable data dictionaries based on SPSS, SAS, and STATA data sets.

SVGDeveloper 1. SVGDeveloper 1.0 is a powerful software to develop svg applications. Facilitated by the powerful designing capability of the software, users can "draw" the most of shapes, texts, images, and so on.

The . NET Documentation Tool creates comprehensive documentation for .NET Framework 1.0, 1.1 and 2.0 projects written in C# and their associated Microsoft SQL Server/Microsoft Access databases. Most types of project (Windows Forms, ASP.NET, etc.

AudioLiquid Converter 1. AudioLiquid Converter 1.0 is an efficient conversion tool that enables you to convert different audio files from one format into another.

BotHunter 1. BotHunter 1.0 is a network monitoring tool that detects any malware-infected computer in your network. This program needs WinPcap, a Windows Packet Capture Library, installed in your system.