DWGGrabber 1.3

DWGGrabber 1.3
Publisher: StoneSoft Date added: 02 June, 2012
License: Shareware Size: 9.3 MB
Price: $180.00
Editor rating: 5 Stars

This software can identify all the forms of the drawings, and export to an Excel file, support for table editing, support for the Excel file import, support drawings search. Not required to do any settings on the requirements of the drawings.


Unique features: DWGGrabber software can exchange data between CAD drawings and Excel spreadsheets.Through the intelligent analysis of objects in the drawing file, it can identify the collection of all forms formation ( the title bar, schedule ), the processing does not need human intervention, generated forms can be output as an Excel file. Software support to insert an Excel table from an external support to deal with a lot of drawing files, support for the form to delete, to support the drawing file is saved, do not need a CAD drawing environment (eg.AutoCAD) support, to support the path search drawing functions -The search form information based on the drawings - in the disk path drawings of all meet the conditions of the table editor.
Extract intelligence: DWGGrabber can analyze all the drawing elements. Single-line text, multi-line text, attributes, lines, rectangles, polylines, tables, blocks, external references may contain objects or logical objects constitute the conditions of the table set are analysis and identification, and no set of drawings content requirements.Data is not distorted: DWGGrabber can edit text content of the table's cells . Character sets, fonts, character height, color, background color, alignment, all parameters are consistent with the CAD drawing environment. CAD drawings and Excel interactive data, the same can maintain perfect form text background color and alignment properties. Allows you to operate worry-free.Operate independently: DWGGrabber run without the environment of CAD drawings tool's(eg.AutoCAD) support. Software installation can be run directly, not dependent on other software.
Easy to operate: DWGGrabber interface is simple and reasonable layout design. After loading drawings, the background will automatically parse the drawings analysis form the graphics output interface of the software you select a form, click the right mouse button menu, you can carry out the operation of various functions.

Tags: Dwggrabber, Intelligent Information Extraction, The Table Of Drawing, The Dwg Drawings, Extraction The Title Bar, Extraction The Schedule, Excel Import And Export With Cad
Platforms: Windows , Win98 , XP , WinXP
Requirements: Not specified
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