EmPowered Programmer 1.5

EmPowered Programmer 1.5
Publisher: Vinaeus Software Date added: 04 April, 2008
License: Shareware Size: 143 B
Price: $39.00

A generic programming IDE to create Win32 executables. You can write complex Windows programs, you can debug , and all the while you will be in total control. Only what you decree happens, nothing goes on behind your back. A tiny download



A generic programming IDE to create Win32 executables. You can write complex Windows programs, you can debug , and all the while you will be in total control. Only what you decree happens, nothing goes on behind your back.What you can do with EmPowered Programmer :1.Create small and compact and at the same time full featured Windows apps. It's ideal for shareware authors as they can create small downloads, yet with all the features they want, and with complete control2..Learn and teach programming close to the Windows OS and the machine.3.Get acquainted with the Windows API at a core level.4.Get a glimpse of what your IDE is doing silently behind the scenes without your knowledge.5.Create games using DirectX or OpenGL . The API is at your command.6.Just have fun becoming an EmPowered Programmer !EP has it's learning curve but it's definitely not steeper than any of the modern programming languages and the rewards are tangible --small, compact programs, a fuller understanding of your program and a closer knowledge of the machine and the OS.See how easy writing Windows (Win32) programs close to the machine can really be. A tiny download.

Tags: Compiler, Debugger, Programming Ide, Ide, Core Level Programming, Create Win32 Executables, Create Exe Files
Platforms: WinME , 95/98 , Win95 , Win98 , XP , WinXP
Requirements: Win95 or higher
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