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A wallpaper of the great children`s movie Finding Nemo. Finding Nemo is one of the best and most famous cartoon movies from the Pixar company. It has even won an Oscar for the best cartoon (apart from other nominations like the script or the Thomas Newman music), which has made it into a little classic.But, without doubt, the people most interested in Finding Nemo are children, who love it and are...

Size: 130.0 KB   License: freeware


Beautiful wallpaper with the image of a horse galloping through the waves. A spectacular aerial photograph serves as a wallpaper, for lovers of lanscapes, animals or nature. You can enjoy the beautiful image of a horse galloping powerfully through the seawater. The photo has everything: colour, beauty, perspective and a configuration that is perfect for use as a wallpaper, without dominating the screen or being too...

Size: 212.0 KB   License: freeware


Wallpaper of the Medal of Honor Frontline game. Wallpaper of the latest version of the successful Medal of Honour saga: Medal of Honor Frontline. Since its first version, already some time ago, Medal of Honour has become the reference for first person gaming, with its mix of action, infiltration and suspense, and its recreation of the atmosphere and scenes of the Second World War.The...

Size: 145.0 KB   License: freeware

We have all dreamed about an idylic sunset on the beach. We have all dreamed about an idylic sunset on the beach, on a paradise island, between palm trees, soft sand, and whispering waves. If you haven`t got the money necessary to bring your dream to reality, at least you can enjoy the landscape every day on your PC, with this beautiful wallpaper. This instant beauty is 1024x768 pixel sized.

Size: 354.0 KB   License: freeware

An image of a cautious, powerful and silent tiger, crouching in the grass. The tiger is one of the most impressive and admired cats (and the biggest), admired for its beauty, feared for its power, ferosity and precision when attacking.This Crouching Tiger 1.0 wallpaper shows you a close-up of all its characteristics: a tiger crouching in the grass, powerful, silent, relaxed, observing everything happening around it. It...

Size: 185.0 KB   License: freeware

A beautiful wallpaper with a spectacular image of our planet. There is no better dawn than comtemplating it from outer space, and this is exactly what we offer with this spectacular wallpaper: Dawn from Space. Here you can enjoy a beautiful photo of the Earth from space, just when the sun comes up. It is in 1024x768 pixel resolution.

Size: 72.0 KB   License: freeware

Spectacular illustration of a lion in infinity Here we have a beautiful wallpaper, of 1024x768 pixel resolution, of an illustration of a lion in mid-jump, as if he were escaping from our planet. An impressive drawing that you can now permanently enjoy on your screen.

Size: 217.0 KB   License: freeware

A wallpaper of Dragon Ball, with seven balls and the character Goku. The Dragon Ball series is one of those TV references for a whole generation, and its products are all over the Internet: games, wallpapers, screensavers, etc. This is an illustration that shows you Goku, together with seven balls. It is a wallpaper that is especially dedicated to all fans of this legendary Japanese TV series.This Dragon Ball...

Size: 75.0 KB   License: freeware

Wallpaper of the fight game Mortal Kombat. A wallpaper of 1024x768 pixels, featuring one of the most charismatic fight games ever, and one that created a furor in its day: Mortal Kombat. It is a revolutionary fight concept, with fighters that are rendered using real actors, and a very crude style, with images and hits that are really violent. In this wallpaper you can see one of the...

Size: 243.0 KB   License: freeware