SurfMarks 1.0.4

SurfMarks 1.0.4
Publisher: RLT software Date added: 04 April, 2008
License: Shareware Size: 1.3 KB
Price: $19.95

SurfMarks is a simple task pad, that allows you to store temporary notes, web links and tasks close at hand. It stays on top of the Internet Explorer windows, but remains partially transparent, so it doe not disturb your browsing much.



SurfMarks allows you to store various notes and temporary, but important information close at hand. If you often need a place where you can keep temporary text, but don't want to create files for each, SurfMarks is for you. You just drag the text into SurfMarks window that always on the top, and later you can quickly get it from there for a one second.Also SurfMarks allows you to keep links that are interesting for you, but you would like to see them later. Integration with Internet Explorer allows you to add links with the help of only one click. If you see some interesting link, you just click right button on it, and add it to SurfMarks links tab. If you want, SurfMarks will remind you about it later. SurfMarks window is always on the top, so you'll not waste your time searching for place where you can store your notes. Also you can change it's transparence from 0 up to 80 percent to make it invisible. If you doubt, do you need it or not, just download it and try.

Requirements: Not specified
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