Swift Optimizer 2.0

Swift Optimizer 2.0
Publisher: swishapp.com Date added: 12 May, 2009
License: Shareware Size: 4.5 MB

If you normally work with Flash files then a tool like Swift Optimizer 2.0 will be very useful to you.



If you normally work with Flash files then a tool like Swift Optimizer 2.0 will be very useful to you. It lets you optimize Flash SWF files, compressing them up to 70% of their original size, making them more easily transported or sent via the Internet.For each file to be optimized it identifies the maximum optimization level that can be applied (in some cases only 5%, but others up to 70%). You can preview any file to be compressed at any moment to make sure that the compressing process is not reducing quality.

Platforms: Windows
Requirements: Not specified
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