XT Typing Tutor 1.0.2

XT Typing Tutor 1.0.2
Publisher: Eugen-Ioan Goriac Date added: 04 April, 2008
License: Shareware Size: 15.6 KB
Price: $17.95

Typing tutor inspired by guitar method. It teaches you how to use ALL YOUR fingers in order to get some true typing speed. It also shows you EXACTLY how to PLACE your FINGERS BEFORE TYPING parts of words (fingers are drawn on a virtual keyboard).



This typing tutor teaches you a technique inspired by the classical guitar playing method. It is new and different from what other typing tutorials show.Things that make this program unique:- it teaches you how to use all your fingers (including your THUMBS!) without looking at the keyboard- it shows you exactly how to place (prepare) your fingers before typing parts of words- it allows you to edit your own lessons- it allows you to edit the way parts of words (combinations) may be typedExample:"DE" can be typed like this:[middle, middle] or [index, middle] or [thumb, middle]Of course, in this situation, [middle, middle] is the slowest way and, unfortunately - this is how other typing tutorials teach you to do. The recommended fingering is [index, middle]. However, there are MANY combinations where you must use your THUMBS in order to get the best typing speed. Check "CRE" with [thumb, index, middle].Other features:- contains a set of over 100 carefully made lessons- it retains the mistakes you make and lets you practice in order to learn how to type correctly- it allows you to measure your typing speed by choosing a text file and typing its content- it allows an unlimited number of persons use a licensed copy on a single computerThis program is addressed to those that truly want to improve their typing speed and accuracy, that want to learn the best technique out there.

Tags: Typing Tutor, Xt Typing Tutor, Typing, Type Tutor, Tutorial, Xt, Extreme, Learn, Keyboard, Fingerings, Combinations
Platforms: WinME , 2000 , 2003 , 95/98 , Win98 , Windows2000 , Windows2003 , XP , WinXP
Requirements: minimum
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