Download Fetch from here and install it.

The below screen will come up the first time you launch Fetch:

Set up this window with your FTP information. You may want to cut and paste your username and password to make certain that you are using the correct spelling and naming convention.

With the correct information entered, click "OK" and you will open a connection with the FTP server. Once connected to the server, your interface should look like this with your files listed in the window to the left.

"Put file" means to upload a file from your local machine to the FTP server. "Get file" means to download a file from the FTP server to your local machine.

To upload documents to the Server:
First have the directory open that you wish to upload to open in the left window
Click on the "Put" button,
Find the file you want to upload on your hard drive.
Click on the open button
Save file as/format.
and click "OK".

Fetch supports click & drag. You can just click on the file you want to upload and drop it onto the appropriate directory.

To download documents from the Server:
Open the directory on the FTP server that you wish to download FROM in the left window.
Select the file you want to download.
Click on the "Get" button,
Find choose a spot where you would like to save the file on your hard drive.
Click on the "Save" button
Click "OK".

To delete files on the remote server:
Highlight the file or directory you wish to delete.
Go to the menu bar and select Remote > delete directory or file..

To create a directory on the server:
Make sure you are in the correct directory and make sure the window to the left is active.
If necessary, click in it with the mouse.
Go to the menu bar and select Directories > Create new directory.
Enter a name for this directory and click "Ok".

To create additional Bookmarks in Fetch:
Select Customize > new shortcut from the menu bar. You will get the below screen with space to input your account details.

Once set up, you can just connect by selecting file>open shortcut or double clicking on it from the shortcut menu (window > fetch shortcuts).