What is FTP? What is its function?

FTP is short for File Transfer Protocol (a system that allows easy file transfer operations between two computers). The two computers should be set as a server and a client, linked together by specialized FTP software.

There are two types of FTP functions:

* When retrieving data from the hosting server, you're carrying out an "obtain" function. This can be referred to as "downloading."

* When you submit a file to the hosting server, you're performing a "set" function. This is called "uploading."

Once you connect with a File transfer protocol hosting server, you have to provide a username and a password. Often the username "anonymous" enables you to connect as a guest. If the FTP site does not prompt you for any username, the FTP hosting server may assign the anonymous login name for you, but the majority of servers require a set username and password before allowing you to enter.

Types of FTP Programs

There are a variety of applications that help you send data using File transfer protocol. Technical individuals have a tendency to use a command line programs included in most operating systems, driven by the key-command 'ftp'. To keep network sniffers from looking at passwords once you connect with the ftp hosting server, people use a risk-free file transfer protocol hosting server. So you must try a protected ftp client using "SFTP", also known as Secure File Transfer Protocol.

Well-known freeware File transfer protocol programs include FileZilla, SmartFTP and others. You can also find commercially ready applications, which cost money, but provide more options and features.

When you're logged in, you will notice a summary of files and data on the hosting server. Double-click on a file in order to open and find out what is inside. When uploading or downloading, prepare your files, get the commands through to the server, and wait for it to finish the task.

FTP is very useful when you need to send files to a remote server, be it a published web site, or any other type of data, FTP is the way to go.