File Transfer Protocol demystified

We are using File Transfer Protocol, or FTP in short, whenever we are using internet. When we download an image, video or song, we make use of this technology without knowing about it in much the same way as when we make use of Hyper Text Transfer Protocol (HTTP). This is a wonderful tool that makes it possible for us to share and exchange files on the internet. As FTP allows the transfer of files back and forth from one computer to another, it is essential for everyone whether he is a novice or a professional. If an FTP site allows anonymous login, anyone can reach it using any browser through internet and start downloading programs from it. This is what normally happens when an internet user downloads a file from the net. This is how FTP works for an average internet user.

However, if you have an online business, and need to share large files with your clients over internet, you require FTP hosting service which allows you to have a separate storage facility and bandwidth for you files. It is like having a safe cabinet where to keep your files and send and receive information from it anytime and from anywhere. You can add or delete files whenever you wish. It is similar to having a post box number in the postal service from where you can send and receive information to your clients. You can drag and drop your files into it from your computer when you are using an FTP service. Safe and secure transfer of files between two computers is possible with FTP and without it; there would be no websites at all.

If you are a business owner and need to share large files over the internet regularly, you will need the services of an FTP hosting site. There are many FTP service providers and how to choose one for your use becomes difficult if you are a novice. Here are some tips on how to select the right service provider for your use.

See that the user interface is simple Instead of being technical and complicated, the instruction on using the service should be in simple English so that anyone can use the service.

Ask for a free trial before signing a deal This is important as it allows you to assess the quality and efficacy of the service and lets you make up your mind about continued use of the service.

Support service This is important as it enables you to get help whenever there is a problem or an emergency. See that you get a prompt and quick solution to your problem through phone or email or not.

Range of plans All businesses are different and have different needs and requirements. Ask for a customized plan for you as you may not be requiring some of the features of their standard plan.

High level of security You are using the service as you wish to have security of your files. See that your files are getting the security you want for them.

Speed of transfer The most important factor to consider is the speed of file transfer. Sign a deal only if sharing of files is quick and without any delays.

If you are satisfied with all these features, you can go ahead and sign a deal to use the FTP service.