Web Guru Advice on FTP

Ever since the revolution of computers, we have been evolving according to the innovation of technology. The world of the internet provides an immense opportunity for growing your business to new heights. These days almost everyone has a web site of some sort, and many people use web sites to make money. Here is where a major break through called File Transfer Protocol comes in the picture. The File Transfer Protocol or simply named as FTP is one of the oldest and most frequently used Internet protocols.

FTP was designed to address the issue of transferring any raw data to a remote computer or server, which eases the process of copying and transferring files between two different computers regardless of their location, operating system, storage type or even language

Basically, FTP is a way of transferring your files from remote desktop or server to an online web server. Not everyone understands the true meaning of it so let me explain in short. File Transfer protocol is probably the best way of transferring data from one server to another. It is fast, secure and professional (it copies a file or several files from one host [your Computer] to remote server over a TCP/IP protocol).

You may come across several programs designed for transferring files such as CuteFTP, SmartFTP, Filezilla, etc. FTP uses Client user name and password authentication in order to proceed. An FTP client makes a connection to the server on which you wish to transfer the files to using various predetermined ports. The connection closes automatically after a certain idle period.

To use FTP from within a client, type your host computer name or address, example: ftp.yourdomainname.com. It would prompt you to enter Username and password, do so and open the remote host computer files simply by using your computer. Once open, you can start transferring data from the host over the internet. It is commonly used to download or upload files like pictures, web pages, music, videos etc.