Blending Images

  • Open an existing image. I am going to use the image shown below. To download it yourself, right-click your mouse on the photo and choose "Save As".


  • Add a new layer by clicking on Layers>New Raster Layer>OK.
  • Open another image, I'm going to use the swan photo below for this example.


  • Pick the Freehand Selection Tool Freehand Selection Tool and draw a selection around the swan.
    Freehand Settings:
    • Selection Type: Point to Point
    • Feather: 0
    • Anti-Alias: Checked
  • Click on Selections>Modify>Feather (Pixels: 5)


  • Copy the current selection to your clipboard by pressing CTRL+C
  • Go back to your original image and press CTRL+E to paste the selection into the new layer, then position it where you want.

    snow swan

  • If you're happy with your image you can leave it at that. Or, you can play with the blend settings by clicking on Layers>Properties. Try setting Blend Mode to Hardlight (experiment with the Blend Mode and Opacity settings), or test the other blend modes to see which looks the most interesting!