Transparent GIFs

This tutorial will show you how to set the background of your GIF to be transparent, that is, to let the background color or image of your webpage show through it. We'll be using Paint Shop Pro 8.

  • Once you have the image open, select the Fill icon tool, and choose a color that isn't used anywhere in the image. Fill the parts you'd like to be transparent.


  • Select the Dropper icon tool, and right click on one of the transparent parts, setting the transparent color as the background color.

    back and foreground colors

  • Go to Image>Palette>Select Palette Transparency. Click Yes on the window that pops up, and OK on the one that pops up after that.

  • Check "Set transparency value to the current background color" and click OK.

  • Go to File>Save As, type in the name of the file, and select CompuServe Graphics Exchange (*.gif) from the drop down box. Click Save.

  • That's it! Test your image out on your webpage.