HTML Tutorials

Below are tutorials covering the most popular aspects of HTML. It is by no means everything, but is more than enough to get you started on an expansive website. It is recommended that the tutorials be read in the order they are listed.

  • Get Started
    An overview of HTML, and how to start using it to create webpages.
  • The Font Tag
    Manipulate the look, size and color of text.
  • Linking
    Using links to other webpages and images.
  • Head & Body
    The base of every HTML page.
  • Tables
    Understanding tables, and using them with images.
  • Forms
    A simple contact form from which visitors to your site can send you messages.
  • Frames
    Arrange your webpages in frames to have several separate pages in one browser window at once.
  • Colors
    The hexadecimal codes for non-dithering colors.
  • Color Picker
    Automatically set background and text colors of your webpage with this program.
  • Special Characters
    A list of §þë©ï@| characters and the codes to put them on your webpages.
  • Reference List
    A comprehensive list of HTML tags.