Chromeless Windows

A chromeless window is a pop-up window that is completely customized to match your site. Here is an example. It will work on IE 4.5 and up; on other browsers it will open a regular window about the same size.

To make your own chromeless window, download this ZIP file. In it is the JavaScript and the images you'll need.

Add the following code between the <head> and </head> tags.

To open the chromeless window, use this code:

<a href="#" onclick="mywindow=openIT('window.html',400,200,null,null,'mywindowname')">Open Chromeless</a>

'window.html' is the page you want to open in the window. 400 is the width in pixels of the window, 200 is the height. null means we want it to open in the center of the screen.

To customize the window, open up the graphics from the ZIP file in a graphics editing program and make them look how you want. Then edit the code you placed in the head of the document. This is what the different variables mean:

wB| Border color.
wBs| Border color on window drag.
wBG| Background of the title bar.
WBGs | Background of the title bar on window drag.
tH| Title for the title bar of the window.
tW| Title for the Windows task bar.
brd| Extra border size.
max| Maximize option (true|false).
min| Minimize to taskbar option (true|false).
res| Resizable window (true|false).
tsz| Height of title bar.

Please note that I cannot/will not provide support for chromeless windows. If it's not working, I'm afraid you'll have to ask somewhere else.